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2000 Season Review


2000 was a special season for
AlpenView as it was the first year of operations for the new
lodge and corporation. The lodge building was dried up in 1999
but the finish of construction still needed to be done. On March
1st 2000 co-owners Shawn Finn and Dave Jones, along with guide
Tommy Scherl and friends David Horn and Jerry Christiansen, ventured
to Ugak Bay aboard AlpenView’s FINLANDER and David Horn’s ALICIA
ANN. Both vessels were heavily laden with materials and equipment
for the completion of the new lodge.

works on the outside and Ole works on the inside.

Over the next three months, Dave Jones and Tommy Scherl lived
at the site while working. On several occasions during this period,
Dave and Tommy were joined by the helpers mentioned above and
friends Craig “Ole” Olsen, Tom Finn and Rick Martin.
Special thanks to all who helped.


Jones Shows the Finished Product

The 2000 season at the lodge opened with hosts captain/guide
Dave Jones, guide Shawn Finn, head cook Mickey Jones, pearl diver
Tom Finn, helpers Kathryn and Molly Jones.
The king/sockeye season at the camp was hosted by Guide Tommy
Scherl and cook Veronica Sims.


first ever guests and crew. Top row – guide Shawn Finn, guests
Sam Johnson, Archie Degnan, Tom Safford and Bill Wacek. Bottom
row – helper Kathryn Jones, captian/guide Dave Jones and guest
Charlie Safford. Second photo – our opening day catch of halibut.


Bill, Bret, Henning, Shawn and
The grand opening at the lodge was on June 10th.
The first clients to visit AlpenView were Archie Degnan, Bill
Wacek, Tom and Charlie Safford. All four had fished with Dave
Jones in past operations. A new client, Sam Johnson, was also
a guest for the grand opening. Starting the season on June 10th
at the camp were Bill Cyr, Henning Melvig and Bret Mattinson.
Out Camp, June 2000
The two groups switched places on Wednesday,
June 14th so all spent time at the lodge and the camp. The groups
combined to land 16 halibut, 60 sea bass, 123 king salmon, 93
red salmon, 4 rainbow, 2 steelhead and 1 dolly varden. Not a
bad start! Brown bear, bald eagle and many other animals were
sighted but the most remarkable animal action was the grey whale
watching. Many days in Ugak Bay provided over 50 grey whale sightings,
several up close and personal.


and Tom With Out Camp Kings

In week two, June 17th to 24th, Nat Sylvester, Nat’s
father, Kerry and Nat Beebe fished at the camp. All four of these
clients were on their first trip with our organization. Fishing
continued to be strong with the group landing 200 king salmon,
131 sockeye salmon and 1 dolly varden.

Ed Bews and Friends
The week of June 24th to July 1st the Ed Bews,
party of eight, split the week with stays at the camp and the
lodge. Ed, along with Bob Price, Frank Varriale and Steve Rambo
were on their second trip with our organization. Other members
of the party were visiting us for the first time.

One neat thing that happened during this week was a great
killer whale show. We were in the banya when someone yelled orca!
We stepped out to the beach and watched a pod of four orcas trap
and kill a seal within 100 yards of the beach. The top of the
food chain, very exciting! The group landed 376 king salmon,
46 sockeye salmon, 224 sea bass, 8 halibut, 9 dolly varden and
1 lingcod. We are looking forward to seeing Ed and the gang during
the two weeks they have booked for 2001.

hunt the beach in front of the lodge and Sea Lion Rock in Ugak
John and Tom with a lingcod.
The week of July 1st to 8th found first
time visitors Barnie Barnard and son Barnie Jr. at the lodge
for the week. Starting the week at the camp and finishing at
the lodge were third time visitors John Kim and son John and
first time visitors Tom Gelb and friend. Finishing the week at
the camp were first time visitors the Harry Dodson group.
The Dodson Party
All together in the week there were 147
king salmon, 282 sockeye salmon, 32 sea bass, 30 halibut, 1 dolly
varden and 1 lingcod. We are looking forward to seeing the Kim
party and the Dodson party during the trips they have booked
for 2001.


Barnies with a king salmon and a halibut taken in Ugak Bay.

The week of July 8th to 15th found Chris Gill in camp
with his son Richard, friends Roger and Peyton Wallace. Chris
is a veteran of many trips with our organization. He returned
in late September of 2000 for a second trip and is booked in
2001 as well. The party fished the fly to land 45 king salmon,
131 sockeye salmon, 4 rainbow and 104 dolly varden.

The king/sockeye season at the camp ended on July 15th and guide
Tommy returned to his other job guiding saltwater fishing out
of San Diego. The lodge entertained family and friends between
July 15thand August 5th. The Finn family, Jones Family and friends
enjoyed some great saltwater fishing for halibut, sea bass, king
salmon, silver salmon and lingcod. Freshwater fly fishing during
this time was best for big dolly varden, pink and chum salmon
so the group enjoyed this as well. The most notable Fish landed
was a 60 pound king salmon caught by Jim Jones, Dave’s dad.

August/September at the Lodge
Hosts at the lodge during this period were captain/guide Dave
Jones and cook Veronica Sims with help at times from guide Shawn
Finn and friend Mike Ellis.

Tom and Del with some of their Ugak Bay silver
salmon and a fly-out dolly varden.
Guide Dave with a fly-out rainbow.
During the week of August 5th to 12th, Tom Libert
returned for his third trip with our organization. Tom was joined
by his friend Del. Tom and Del did a lot of saltwater fishing
and freshwater fly fishing including two fly-outs to target trout
and see bears. One of the high points was 100+ pound halibut
landed by Tom on salmon tackle, that was one tough fight. The
two landed 2 king salmon, 14 sockeye salmon, 13 silver salmon,
11 pink salmon, 3 chum salmon, 96 sea bass, 30 halibut, 110 dolly
varden, 18 rainbow and 1 lingcod. This is quite a variety including
a grand slam with all five species of pacific salmon.

Mr. & Mrs. Herb Newman were first time visitors at the lodge
during the first half of the August 12thto 19th week. Paul Ewing
and Bill Hackney replaced the Newmans during the second half
of the week. Paul and Bill are veterans of many trips with our
organization. We fished the freshwater streams of Ugak Bay and
the saltwater during the week. The groups combined for 27 silver
salmon, 19 pink salmon, 3 chum salmon, 81 sea bass, 4 halibut,
and 3 lingcod. While watching sea bass and silver salmon strike
jigs at the stern of the boat, Paul was surprised by a 30 pound
halibut. We watched the fish chase away three silvers and grab
the jig. It was fun.
During the final three weeks of the lodge season for 2000, things
got interesting. There had been no rain for the month of August
and the weather continued to be fair. The silver salmon did not
enter the streams because of the low water. Instead the silvers
stayed out in the salt and on the feed. They grew quite large
and bit aggressively.

On the 19th of August, first time visitors Bouger
Aldridge and his friend Roy arrived for a weeks stay. They were
joined, for the first half of the week, by the Gable party who
had visited our out camp two years earlier. The Gable party did
a lot of activities on their own including some un-guided freshwater
fishing for pink and chum salmon. They also spent time kayaking
and hiking. Bouger and Ray fished the salt for the week.
Dave, Roy and Roy’s Halibut

The freshwater fishery was successful for a lot of pink
salmon and possibly some chums, we don’t have the numbers for
un-guided fishing. The saltwater fishery landed 76 silver salmon,
1 pink salmon, 83 sea bass, 1 halibut, and 1 lingcod.

Harold With His Halibut
Second time Austrian visitor Harold Gogl
arrived at the lodge on August 26th with his friend Hans Schenner
for an eleven night stay. Alice and Ray Hallberg also arrived
on the 26th for their third trip with our organization. The theme
for the week was saltwater silvers on the fly. Alice was the
jig master/fish finder. As soon as she located the fish, the
others would cast their flys. Quite often we would watch the
fly sinking and see the fish take it. The fights were very exciting
and required the anglers to be quick on their feet as the fish
ran in all sorts of directions. This group also enjoyed a fly-
out for big dolly varden and lots of them. All in all, they landed
78 silver salmon, 1 king salmon, 22 pink salmon, 29 chum salmon,
3 sockeye salmon, 16 sea bass, 6 halibut (4 on the fly), and
86 dolly varden. Here again, the combination of saltwater and
freshwater fishing resulted in catching all five species of pacific
The week of September 2nd to 9th was the final
in the lodge for the 2000 season. Harold and Hans held over for
the first half. They were joined by third time visitors Bob and
Mac Hollopeter. The silver salmon saltwater fly fishing continued
to be of great interest. The group also fished freshwater streams
in Ugak Bay and made a fly-out for dolly varden.
Dave, Harold & Hans

One of the high spots during the week was when Bob and
Mac combined their efforts to land a 120 pound halibut. Captain
Dave had to make three attempts at gaffing the fish so the fight
went on for quite some time. All in all, they landed 114 silver
salmon, 2 king salmon, 9 halibut (some on the fly), 93 dolly
varden and some pink and chum salmon that we didn’t keep track
of. Shawn Finn and Mike Ellis arrived on September 6th to help
Dave and Veronica make the operational switch from the lodge
to the camp.


September/October at the Camp.
Hosts at the camp during this time were cook Veronica Sims and
guide Dave Jones with help at times from pilots Willie and Dan,
Shawn Finn and Ole Olsen.

In the week of September 9th to 16th, veteran
visitors Pat Steed and Terry Thompson were joined by first time
visitors Dick Nielson and Pat’s uncle Bob. The dolly varden fishery
was on fire and the silver salmon fishery picked up nicely as
the week progressed. A popular activity in the fall season at
the camp is the weekly One Fly Competition. Each angler is allowed
to choose one fly with which to compete in a 90 minute race to
land the most fish. Lose your fly and you’re done. Pat Steed
got off to a commanding early lead but lost his fly. Despite
Pat’s best efforts to run interference, Dick Nielson eventually
surpassed Pat for the win. During the week the group landed 3
sockeye salmon, 3 pink salmon, 149 silver salmon, 2 steelhead
and 552 dolly varden.
Top – Pat, Dick & Bob
Bottom – Dave & Terry

Walter Maslowski, a long time friend and client, arrived for
the week of September 16th to 23rd and beyond. Walter was joined
by second time visitor Joe Toth and first time visitors Jim Jackobsen
and Pinky Gray. The river was low so the fishery was a bit slow.
During the week the group landed 1 sockeye salmon, 67 silver
salmon, 4 steelhead, 1 rainbow and 223 dolly varden. Jim Jackobsen
was the winner of the one fly, edging out Walter who lost his
fly landing a fish. The weather in Kodiak was not flyable over
the weekend so the group got stuck in camp until Tuesday the
26th. The group were all seasoned Alaska visitors so they took
the delay in stride, a little fishing and a little poker playing
saw them through. We are looking forward to seeing Walter, Joe,
Pinky and Jim in the week they have booked for 2001.

Alfred, Michael, Christian and
After waiting for the weather in Kodiak to improve,
second time visitors Michael and Christian Baldinger arrived
on Tuesday the 26th. Michael and Christian were joined by friends
Alfred Kolhammer and Norbert Perchtold who were visiting for
the first time. The group made good use of their short stay by
landing 6 sockeye salmon, 68 silver salmon, 29 steelhead, and
176 dolly varden. Norbert was the winner of the one fly competition.

Long time friends and clients Fritz Jorg and Chris Gill arrived
with second time visitor Tony Paulion on September 30th. During
the week the group fished the Ayakulik and made two fly-outs
to another favorite river with pilot Dan. This group fished the
long, two handed rods for most of the week. Fritz edged out Tony
to win the one fly by waking a modified parachute fly with his
12 foot 7 weight rod. During the week the group landed 46 silver
salmon, 39 steelhead, 16 rainbow and 127 dolly varden. We are
looking forward to seeing Fritz, Chris and Tony in the week they
have booked for 2001.

Ray, Kevin & Brad With Steelhead

The final week of the 2000 season was October 7th to 14th. In
camp were first time visitors Brad Marcella, Don Andrews, Ray
Estes and Kevin Becker. During the week the group fished the
Ayakulik and made one fly-out to another favorite river with
pilot Dan. One of the high points was when Brad had a section
of river named after him. We often refer to sections of river
by names given to them over the years. Brad caught the seasons
largest steelhead, a 35&3/4 inch buck, in a section of river
that will hereafter be referred to as Brad’s Beat. The group
landed 7 sockeye salmon, 81 silver salmon, 57 steelhead, 10 rainbow
and 309 dolly varden during the week. In the one fly competition,
Veronica Sims edged out all the visitors for her first ever win.
We are looking forward to seeing Don, Brad and Ray in the week
they have booked for 2001.

Whitie the bear watches from across the river
as the camp is broken down at the seasons end.

Special thanks to all of you who visited us during the 2000 season.
We sure appreciate your business and enjoyed your company. If
you have some pictures or comments you would like me to add to
this review, please let me know.