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AlpenView’s 2016 Season Review

Part 1, Our Guests
A guest’s name in blue it indicates that the
person is a repeat guest. If a guest’s name is
red the person is a veteran
of three or more trips with AlpenView.
Left to right: Donnie, Jordan,
Phil, Dave, Isaac and Britta
Out camp set up crew, June 1, 2016
Andrews – Denver, CO
+ Jordan Buetow
– Fairbanks, AK + Phil Rudat – Battle Ground, WA +
Dave Jones, Kodiak, AK
Isaac Fritz – Billings, MT + Britta Jones
– Kodiak, AK
Clockwise from Dave: Dave, Phil, Lou, Ned, Peter (with
camera), Fritz and Hal.
June 8, 2016 guests: Fritz &
Peter Jorg – Poulsbo, WA + Hal Weirth – Bremerton, WA + Lou
Hurlbut – Poulsbo, WA
+ Ned Scheerhorn – Titusville, FL
Left to right: Maurizio, Tiziano, Isaac, Gianni, Georgio,
Adriano and Carlo
June 10, 2016 guests: Adriano Gardumi +
Gianni Broll + Tiziano Broll + Georgio Postal + Carlo Serafini + Maurizio
Avi – all from Italy
Left to right: Phil, Mary Jane, Roger, Isaac and Dave
June 18, 2016 guests: Roger and Mary Jane Belter – Grand Haven,
Left to right: Jordan, Britta, Phil, Isaac, Brian
and Mickey
June 22, 2016 guest: Brian Gann
Left to right: Lee Ann, Ryan and John
June 30, 2016 guests: Ryan Muspratt – Anchorage, AK + John and
Lee Ann Muspratt – Calgary, AB
Left to right, top: Miles, Phil, Paul, Jacqueline,
Sharon and Darrell
Bottom: Mickey, MaeKennah, Zach and Dave
June 30, 2016 guest: Paul & Jacqueline Forster – Bubendorf,
Switzerland + Darrell and Sharon Wolf – Shermans Dale, PA
Left to right, top: Miles Phil, Phillip, Jan, Timothy,
Jim and Zach
Bottom: Dave, Mickey, MaeKennah and Kathryn
July 2, 2016 guests: Phillip &
Timothy Scott
– Angleton, TX
+ Jim and Jan Hansford
– Mosinee, WI
Left to right, sitting: Markus, Poldy, Michael, Shawn,
Peter, Alex, Stefan, Dave
Standing: Miles, Phil and Mickey
July 9, 2016 guests: Peter Schug + Alex
Schug + Michael Schug + Markus Jung + Stefan Ruhl + Thomas “Poldy”
Leopold – All from Germany
Left to right, standing: Neil, Jim A., Denny, Britta,
Mike and Jim G.
Bottom: Jordan and Isaac
July 16, 2016 guests: Mike Hagerty – Oro
Valley, AZ
+ Denny Sanborn – Montrose,
+ Jim Assemany – Novi, MI
+ Jim Gillick – Doylestown, PA + Neil Gudgel – Panama City, FL
Need Photo
July 20, 2016 guests: Piotr Dzumala + Marc Namblard
+ Benjamin Favier + Bruno Calendini + Vincent Trujillo – all
from France
Left to right, standing: Jordan, Bob, Martha, Judy,
Patrick, Mary, Stephanie, Miles and Phil.
Seated: Mickey and Dave
July 23, 2016 guests: Bob and Martha Morrissey
– Kona, HI
+ Patrick and Mary McCarroll
– Hermosa Beach, CA
+ Judy Wormington – Kailua Kona, HI
Left to right, Standing: Owen, Glen, Doug, Buck, Alec,
Beau, Gary, Miles Jordan, Phil and Blake
Seated: Mickey, Stephanie and Dave
July 30, 2016 guests: Glen Fortier
+ Blake Fortier + Buck Fortier +
Beau Fortier + Gary Fortier + Alec Fortier – all from cape Coral,
FL + Doug and Owen Keil – Cottonwood Heights, UT
Left to right, Top: Isaac, Russ, Miles, Paul, Sarah,
Dave Jim and Mickey.
Bottom: Charlie, Britta, Bill and Jordan
August 6, 2016 guests: Charlie Ryan
+ Paul Scheiwiller + Sarah Scheiwiller
+ Jim Reber + Bill Dicke – all from
Lima, OH + Russ Taylor – Westerville, OH + (not pictured) Scott
Alderman -Mercer Island, WA
Left to right, Top: Britta, Miles, Greg, Sherman,
Kati, Jim, Joe and Phil
Bottom: Mickey and Dave
August 13, 2016 guests: Sherman Rosenblum – Laguna Woods, CA
+ Greg Rosenblum – Waimanalo, HI + Kati Donohue – Kona, HI +
Jim Henderson – Eugene, OR + Joe Henderson – Springfield, OR
Left to right, standing: Isaac John, Dave, Charlene,
Jim, Mary, Don and Suzy
Seated: Becky and Stacy
August 17, 2016 guests: Don &
Suzy Robinson – Winter Park, FL
+ Stacy & Becky Smothers – Oak Island, NC + John
& Charlene Maresca
– Wirtz, VA
+ Jim & Mary Turner – Surf City, NC
Left to right: Sean, Paul, Ryan, Bennett, Ron and
August 20, 2016 guests: Bennett Talsky – Redondo Beach, CA +
Sean Hitchcock – Lakewood, CA + Ryan Shotwell – Long Beach, CA
+ Bill Hitchcock – Peoria, AZ + Ron Surdechakul – Seal Beach,
CA + Paul Holling – Castaic, CA
Ryan Shotwell’s 121# halibut was the season’s largest
Left to right: Tab and Kelli
August 23, 2016 guests: Tab & Kelli Bevis – Tallahassee,
This special catch of a yellow eye rock fish and a tiger rock
fish was a first at AlpenView.
Left to right: Jordan, Chick, Cathy and Isaac
August 24, 2016 guests: Chick Forrence
and Kathy Kenny – Hudson, NH
Left to right, standing: Jordan, Michael, Ben, Inaki
and Joan
Kneeling: Isaac, Britta and Juan
August 30, 2016 guests: Michael
& Ben Sirois
– Hinesburg, VT
+ Inaki Arrieta + Joan Corretja, + Juan
Jose Arconada – all from Spain
Left to right, top: Valentin, Roberto, Juan, Alazne,
Raquel, Rafael, Joe and Jim
Bottom: Cesi, Stephanie, Phil, Mickey and Dave
August 31, 2016 guests: Valentin Turrado + Roberto & Alazne
Lopez + Juan Vert – all from Spain
+ Rafael & Raquel Pastor
– Portugal + Joe Toth – Carson City, NV.
+ Jim Jacobsen – Novato, CA
Left to right, top: Ben, Michael, Steve, John, Bill
and Al
Bottom: Phil, Stephanie, Dave, Mickey and Cesi
September 3, 2016 guests: Michael
& Ben Sirois
– Hinesburg, VT
+ Bill Bilodeau
– Nashua, NH
+ Steve Nelson – Kirkwood,
MO +
John Heberer – St. Louis, MO
+ Al Maiuro – St. Charles, MO
Left to right: Judy, Lisa and Greg
September 10, 2016 guests: Greg & Lisa Black – Highlands
Ranch, CO + Judy Behrens – Conroe, TX
Left to right, top: Bruce, Scott, Joe, Dave and Heather
Bottom: Stephany, Phil, Dave, Mickey and Cesi
September 11, 2016 guests: Scott Pynnonen
– L’Anse, MI
+ Bruce Pynnonen –
Midland, MI
+ Joe Holman – Marquette,
+ Dave and Heather Pynnonen – Champion, MI
Left to right: Jordan, Isaac, Britta, Paul, Marty
and Jerry
September 12, 2016 guests: Marty Landholm
– Meridian, ID 83642
+ Jerry Yoder – Boise, ID 83704
+ Paul Honkavaara – Sanger, CA
Left to right: Jordan, Kerry, Frank, Jeff, Scott,
Terry, Brent and Isaac
September 17, 2016 guests: Frank Varriale
– Boise, ID
+ Brent
Varriale – Fruitland, ID
+ Scott Kaufman – Idaho Falls, ID + Jeff Burkhardt
– Vale, OR
+ Kerry
Kegel – Ontario, OR
+ Terry Scanlan – Boise, ID
Clockwise from left: Phil, Britta, Larry,
Rob, Jordan, Donnie, Jeff, Andy
and Isaac
September 24, 2016 guests: Donnie Andrews
– Denver, CO
+ Jeff Bright – ???
+ Rob Bennion – ??? + Larry Ruston – Denver, CO + Andy Volin
– Denver CO
Camp break-down crew, Left to right: Isaac,
Phil, Britta, “The
Other Dave Jones
“, Jordan, Lindsey,
Drew and Dave

Part 2, Events


Dave, Isaac, Mickey, Molly and Kathryn combine efforts
as a sales team at the Washington State Sportsman’s Show in Puyallup.
Mickey and Britta while setting floor joists on the
new warehouse. During a six week period in the spring of 2016
the team of Dave, Mickey and Britta completed a stunning list
of projects including a water line to the banya, an overhaul
of the lodge septic system and a dried up 24′ x 48′ warehouse.
AlpenView’s new warehouse is dried up in late May
of 2016.
Fox E. Fox (his middle name was Eugene).
During spring projects, Mickey befriended a fox who continued
to visit the lodge throughout the 2016 season. His coat was ragged
early in the season as he was shedding his winter coat.
There is nothing like a salmon carcass for a fox.
By late August, Fox E. Fox had finished shedding and had the
beginnings of a beautiful new coat.
Isaac found this baby duck downstream of the camp
while fishing. After watching it for several hours to be sure
it was lost, he scooped it up and brought it back to camp. Britta
fostered it for a couple days. When a mother duck and several
young swam past the camp, Isaac released it and it immediately
joined the other young ducks in line behind the mother. A reunion
or an adoption? We don’t know but one thing is for sure, it was
a happy ending!
For years I have been floating past this blank canvas
of sand and ash while fishing kings out of our camp. This past
summer I couldn’t resist any longer.
No matter how hard we work running around in the great
outdoors, it’s not possible to lose weight during a summer at
2016 was a special year for AlpenView’s extended family
as Shawn and Fru gave away two daughters.
At a ceremony along the Sandy river outside Portland, Oregon,
Amy and Kyle were wed in March.
At a ceremony along the McKenzie River outside Eugene
Oregon, Oregon, Marie and Dan were wed in August.
Phil at the wheel while towing a humpback whale carcass
we found floating in Ugak Bay. We beached it on an open beach,
not too far, and not too close, to the lodge or other cabins.
Seeing bears is on everyone’s wish list when visiting Kodiak
Island. A dead whale is a great bear magnet but you don’t want
it in your front yard!
We enjoyed some great bear viewing at the humpback
whale carcass. This sow and four cubs were spotted several times.
The out camp is always a great place to see bears.
This is a cute shot of a sow and two first year cubs.
A Kodiak brown bear walks the beach at AlpenView.
MaeKennah, Molly, Thomas Jefferson (the dog) and Mickey
during a family visit to the out camp in 2016.
AlpenView’s new warehouse and new ping pong table
were a big hit in the evenings after our days in the field.
A view of Ugak Bay and the lodge from the summit of
Mt. Geddis-Farzukan.
Phil, Miles and Dave on the summit of Mt. Geddis-Farzukan
in July of 2016.
AlpenView from the sky.
Mr. and Mrs. Tab and Kelli Bevis
August 24, 2016 was the date of AlpenView’s second wedding ceremony.
Tab and Kelli did us the honor of getting married at the lodge
and Dave presided as marriage commissioner. It was a great experience
for all our staff and guests.