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Alaska Bear Viewing

Bear viewing in Alaska is good in general but bear viewing on Kodiak Island is some of Alaska’s best bear viewing. AlpenView’s most intense opportunity for the serious viewer/photographer is a stay at our Ayakulik Out-Camp.

The camp is centered in one of the most densely populated brown bear habitats on earth. Located on the banks of the Ayakulik River and surrounded by the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, bears are so frequent that it is necessary to surround the camp with a 5000 volt electric fence.


Kodiak Bear Viewing

AlpenView’s out camp is a well appointed tent camp with a six guest capacity.
All tents are pitched on wood floors. The main tent incorporates the kitchen and dining areas. Sleeper tents feature two beds, a light and heater. There is an enclosed toilet and a propane fired banya (steam bath) for washing up. Some guests like to take a swim between stints in the banya. This creates the possibility of bare, bear viewing.

Viewing starts right at the camp and continues via the river boats and hikes to different viewing sights. The bears are primarily feeding on sockeye salmon which run up the Ayakulik River in the hundreds of thousands. The bears share the salmon with red fox and bald eagle. A wide variety of other creatures share the scene on a daily basis.

bear in stream
bear in stream
bear in stream

AlpenViews’s Out Camp

Multi Day Kodiak Brown Bear Viewing Program

General Information

Round trip seaplane transportation from the City of Kodiak, food, lodging, guide and boat.


Space is sold by the night (noon to noon). The first night is $1,548.00 per person, two persons minimum. Each additional night is $568.00 per person. Note: Singles are welcome if they book with another party. See for out camp available dates.


Depart Kodiak, 9:00 am. Arrive in camp at 10:00.
Enjoy an orientation on the area, its wildlife, and the procedures used to experience them safely. Enjoy lunch then depart camp for the short trip to the viewing site. Return to camp for dinner about 6:00 PM. Optional evening activities include bear viewing, fishing, hiking, and boat tours on the river.
Coffee at 7:00 the following morning, breakfast at 7:30. Depart for the viewing sight about 8:00.
Departing guests return to camp at about 9:30 am to make ready for their 10:30 flight to Kodiak.
Remaining guests continue viewing activities with lunch served in the field or at the camp depending on circumstances. Note: Exact transfer times may vary slightly, depending on the availability of charter aircraft at the time of the booking.

What To Expect

The primary viewing site is located about 30 vertical feet above the valley floor. The immediate foreground is a confluence of two rivers where large schools of salmon congregate and bears come to feed. The background is about 25 Square miles of flat, open and easily visible brown bear habitat interlaced with salmon streams. A viewer should expect to have bears visible at almost any given time from this viewing sight. A viewer should expect to have bears within 100 yards at times during each visit, some get much closer.
The primary viewing site is reached by a 5 minute boat ride and then a 300 yard walk over gentle terrain. Several other viewing sights are within 30 minutes boating or walking from the camp. Many bears are seen while traveling the river by boat and from camp its self. Viewers should also expect to see tens of thousands of salmon as they migrate to their spawning beds. Red fox, bald eagle and a variety of other wildlife also abound.

How to get here

Your local travel agent can make arrangements for flights between your home town and the City of Kodiak.
Round trip travel from the City of Kodiak to the camp is provided as part of your trip. This travel is accomplished in chartered float planes. Your charter flight will leave Kodiak for the camp at 9:00 AM. You should plan to be available in Kodiak, either at your hotel lobby or the airport lobby with your bags packed and ready to go, no later than 8:15 AM on the day your trip begins.
As soon as you reach the City of Kodiak, contact Andrew Airways, your float plane charter service at (907)487-2566. It is important that Andrew Airways knows where to find you and they can inform you of any last minute preparations. They will be expecting your call.
Home bound you will depart the camp at 10:30 AM and arrive in Kodiak at noon. As flights are quite often delayed due to weather, it’s best not to plan departures from Kodiak until mid afternoon (3:00 PM or later). Remember that Kodiak Island is a very remote location and travel here may be quite different than it is where you live. Please leave yourself as much time as possible when booking your transfers into and out of Kodiak.
If your travel plans simply will not allow you to make the above mentioned schedule, we may be able to arrange special charter flights to accommodate you.
When your travel arrangements are complete, please send us a copy of your itinerary including hotel reservations. This information will help us to coordinate the services we provide and to spot possible problems.

Personal items to bring

The following list is complete. If you follow it you will have all you need to take full advantage of your stay. It is very important not to over pack. You will be traveling in small float planes so it is necessary to limit each person to 75 Lbs. of gear. Loads will be weighed at the seaplane base in Kodiak. To comply with FAA regulations and for your own safety, charter services will not overload their airplanes. If you are having trouble coming in under 75 Lbs. with your baggage, consider leaving a bag in Kodiak. The charter service will be happy to store it for you. You can leave your formal travel clothes, street shoes and other items that will not be of use to you at the camp. Soft luggage or duffel bags are preferred as they are more easily stored in small or awkward baggage spaces.
If your necessary baggage simply will not allow you to make the above mentioned weight limit, we can arrange extra charter flights to accommodate you, at your own expense.

Rain gear

All excursions require that you be completely protected from both rain and wind. This includes both pants and a coat.


Trails around the camp can be muddy in wet weather so camp shoes should be waterproof to at least ankle high. Calf high rubber boots are ideal.


It’s best to dress in layers beginning with wick dry synthetic, wool, or silk underwear. Add a warm long sleeve shirt or sweater, then perhaps a sweatshirt. Top this off with your rain gear and you’ll be set. Remember, you can always take it off.


Even in summer, some people get uncomfortably cold hands. The best way to battle this is with wool or neoprene fingerless gloves. Both stay warm when wet and being fingerless they allow you to operate your fishing and camera gear.


A baseball cap is nice. They fit well under a hood. The bill will help to move your hood when you turn your head so you can see better. The bill will also protect your eyes from bright sun or light rain.


Photo opportunities abound for both wildlife and personal memories. Think about weather/water protection.


A 25% deposit is required to secure your reservation. Deposits are not refundable. Final payment is due 10 days prior to arrival and is non-refundable. If you are forced to cancel at the last minute you may send someone in your place. Reservations made within 10 days of the trip require payment in full at the time of the reservation.

Liquor and beer

AlpenView Wilderness Lodge, Inc. does not serve alcohol. However guests are welcome to bring their own.

Weather Delays

AlpenView Wilderness Lodge, Inc. assumes no liability for arrival or departure delays due to weather. Guests who are delayed at the camp will receive food and lodging at no extra cost. If an entire trip is canceled due to weather after a client reaches Kodiak, They have the option of re-booking other available dates or a full refund.