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Alaska Chum Salmon Fishing

Chum Salmon on the flats are a real ‘game’ fish

Chums are best fished in flats and estuaries as they
make the transition from salt to freshwater. They are accessed
by traveling in boats out of the lodge. Once on the scene, fishing
is done by kayaking, wading, and walking along the banks. Site
fishing is often the name of the game, as schools of chum salmon
cruise just under the surface. They can be spooky and leader-shy.
Good eyes, long casts, and stealth will definitely increase your
chances of catching this exciting fish! At AlpenView we fish
chums on the fly. Six to nine weight rods, floating lines, and
long leaders work the best. They are an excellent target to pursue
from a fishing kayak.

Chum salmon range from 6 to 15 pounds. They are available throughout the lodge season; July, August, and September. The best chum fishing usually occurs in July and early August.