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Alaska Halibut Fishing

alaska halibut fishiing

Halibut fishing at AlpenView is different than you may expect!

Many Alaska visitors experience halibut fishing
on large party boats. Often these are day trips working far offshore
in deep (300’+) water with heavy gear. While often productive,
these trips can be more like work than sport fishing.
At AlpenView we target halibut near shore, in shallow (100′-)
water. This adds a lot to the sport and I’ll tell you why. A
halibut may make a 100 yard run. In 300′ of water you will notice
only a slight change in the angle of your line but in shallow
water your going to know about it, believe me.
Water pressure changes have a big effect on the fight of a fish.
Halibut brought up from extreme depth will be vary lethargic
long before they reach the surface. In shallow water halibut
will fight you all the way to the fish box.
To get to the bottom in 300′ of water requires some heavy terminal
tackle, often over three pounds of led are used. Just to pull
up and check your bait can wear out your arms. For shallow water
fishing at AlpenView we rarely fish terminal tackle of more than
twelve ounces, most is lighter yet. We can fish with light rods.
Shallow water also opens up the sport of halibut on the fly.
At AlpenView we have been quite successful at landing fish up
to fifty pounds on a cast fly.
We access halibut by fishing from boats out of the lodge. They
are available throughout the lodge season (July, August and September).
The limit is two per day.

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