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Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fishing (Red)

Alaska Sockeye salmon provide an entertaining air show

Sockeye are accessed in freshwater, primarily at our out camp. At AlpenView, we fish sockeye on the fly. Favorite rods vary from six to eight weight. Floating lines are the norm. Pound for pound, sockeye are the strongest of the pacific salmon. They are fast and erratic fighters, often spending half of their fight in the air. Sockeye are unpredictable and simply never give up. They are responsible for more broken rods than any other fish in Alaska!
The sockeye run on the Ayakulik is one of Alaska’s finest, often approaching 300,000 fish. All of these sockeye travel within casting distance of our out camp tent doors. The finest sockeye riffle on Kodiak Island is a short walk from camp. Fishing is very fast and double figure (10+) sockeye afternoons are common.

Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fishing

Sockeye Salmon Fishing

Around the lodge, sockeye occur in several rivers. Saltery Creek is the best with a run of 50,000+. Fishing is tougher here than on the Ayakulik but the fish are larger. Sockeye are thinly dispersed in other lodge rivers and we are generally targeting other fish when we encounter them. However, we always keep our eyes open for a sockeye opportunity. Sockeye are considered one of the best eating salmon and the limit is five per day.
Kodiak sockeye average 5 pounds and some can push 10 pounds. Sockeye are available from June to early August. The best fishing is typically in June and July at the camp.