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Alaska Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead are the prince of freshwater game fish

Steelhead are accessed in freshwater primarily at the Out camp and by fly-out. Once on the scene, fishing is done by wading and walking along the banks. At AlpenView, we fish steelhead on the fly. Favorite rods vary from six weight single hand to twelve weight spey rods. Lines vary from floating to fifteen foot sink tips depending on water levels.

alaska fly fishing

In recent years we have found a few summer run steelhead in a beautiful, small stream near the lodge. This fishing has been best in August. We usually fish this stream for salmon and Dolly Varden, but we always keep our eyes open for a steelhead opportunity

alaska steelhead fishing

The steelhead on Kodiak Island are all natural, wild fish. Fishing is quite challenging, but the rewards are worth it. Season after season, year after year, we have averaged 2 steelhead per day per angler. Many silver salmon and Dolly Varden are taken while fly fishing for steelhead.
Kodiak steelhead average 6 pounds and some can push 20 pounds. Steelhead are available from late September through October. The best fishing is generally October.