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Alpenview Ayakulik Outcamp

In the heart of Kodiak’s finest freshwater fishing and bear viewing!

The Out Camp is a well appointed, full service sport fishing camp. Guests are provided with Sea Plane Transportation between camp and the City of Kodiak. River Transportation is accomplished in the large, hi-tech inflatable and an 18′ jet boat. More than 30 miles of river are within reach.

Meals and Lodging are provided. Breakfast and dinner are prepared by the cook and served in the large kitchen/dining room tent. Lunch is most often prepared in the field by the guide. Sleeping tents are shared, two to a tent and they feature wood floors, lights and heaters. The camp has an enclosed toilet. Bathing is done in the camp’s banya (Alaskan steam bath).

The area around the camp treats visitors to breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife. Two of the most famous animals to be seen near camp are the brown bear and the bald eagle, there are many others as well.

Camp Kitchen
kodiak Outcamp

From the King Salmon of June to the Steelhead of October, the action never stops!

Fishing at the camp starts out with a bang. In late May, fresh schools of king and sockeye salmon begin to enter the stream of their origin. See our Fishing page for more information.

King Salmon are the largest of Kodiak’s salmon, averaging 25 pounds with several fish over 40. Kings are available June to late July.
Sockeye salmon average 5 pounds but what they lack in size they make up for in their shear numbers and the ferocity of their fight. Sockeye are available June to late July.

Dolly Varden are resident in the stream and are available throughout the season. The best dolly fishing is found in September. Dollies average about 1 pound with some up to 6, they are a great target on light fly gear.

Silver Salmon are the most aggressive of Kodiak’s salmon, they move to the fly better than any other. Kodiak’s silvers are quite large, averaging 12 pounds with several over 20. Silvers are available from late August to mid October.

Wild Steelhead are rare and beautiful fish. Ours average 8 pounds with some pushing 20. Steelhead are available from mid September to November.
Fishing is fully guided by Dave Jones and his staff.

Take a Walking Tour of AlpenView’s Outcamp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3yyzdBVrVQ