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Getting Your Catch Home

Taking home fish from your Alaskan trip is a great way to share some of your experience with family and friends. It does require some planning!

During your stay at the lodge, AlpenView staff will provide these services for up to 50 lbs of finished product per person:

*Clean your fish (gut, filet and etc.).
*Smoke (cold and/or hot process) up to 10 lbs of fish per person.
*Instruct you and supply you with facilities and materials to vacuum pack and freeze your fish.
*Supply you with one insulated fish box to transport your fish home.
*Transport you and your fish to the City of Kodiak at the end of your trip.

For guests who wish to take more than 50 lbs, AlpenView will supply the same services for an additional charge of $2.50 per pound and $25.00 per box.

Please Note, AlpenView does not ship fish.

Getting your fish from the City of Kodiak to your home is your responsibility. We have some suggestions to help you with this job.

1. Take your fish home as baggage in an insulated box provided by AlpenView.

When you leave the lodge your fish will be frozen and packed in an insulated container. Under normal traveling conditions, they will keep well for 24 hours before you will need to get them back into a freezer. Some of the fish on the outer extremities of the container may thaw slightly during this time but will still be kept cold.

AlpenView’s insulated fish boxes are designed to hold about 47 pounds of frozen, packaged fish and travel at a total weight of 50 pounds. They are of a size and weight that is considered normal baggage by most airlines.

If your travel plans allow you to keep your time between freezers under 24 hours, taking your fish home as baggage, in an AlpenView fish box, is the cheapest method.

2. Take your fish home as baggage in a cooler provided by yourself.

If your travel plans call for several stops, long layovers in warmer climates or long drives from the airport to your home, you may want to use a cooler with a higher insulating value.

You can use your cooler as baggage on your way to the lodge and include a duffel bag. On your way home, your fish travel in the cooler and your clothes go in the duffel bag.

We find a cooler with a 3000 cubic inch capacity will hold about 50 pounds of frozen, packaged fish. The overall weight may be in excess of 50 pounds and you may be charged extra for a heavy bag. Check with your airline on baggage size and weight restrictions.

3. Ship your fish home from Kodiak.

ISLAND SEAFOODS and KODIAK ISLAND SMOKEHOUSE are two service providers in the City of Kodiak who can store your fish in their freezer and ship it, via overnight delivery, to your home. For planning purposes you should figure on about $4.00 per pound to ship a box ($200.00 for a 50 pound box). Actual prices may vary.

You will need to stop by one of these service providers on your way through Kodiak to drop off your fish box, give them your shipping and payment information.

ISLAND SEAFOODS, (888)355-8575,

KODIAK ISLAND SMOKEHOUSE, (907)486-6455, 1819 Mill Bay Rd, Kodiak, AK 99615