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Kodiak Kayaking

The kayak was invented by the Aleut people of coastal Alaska several thousand years ago. To this day, it is one of the most interesting ways to travel the near coastal waters and estuaries on Kodiak Island.
One of the most popular stops on a kayaking tour is a visit to one of the many rookery islands in Ugak Bay. Rookery islands are usually small islands that are removed from the larger Kodiak Island. This isolation offers nesting sea birds and harbor seal a predator free environment to raise their young. The quiet, low profile, kayak gets you close to marine animals with minimal disturbance.

Kayak tours can start at the beach in front of the lodge, or tours can start at distant locations with the kayaks being delivered by a powered tender.
Tours can be of half or full day duration. Full day tours often include a campfire lunch on a sheltered beach. Tours can target wildlife viewing, fishing or both.

Following fish as they move with the rising tide into the streams is often very productive. The kayak is a great way to stay on top of the fish as the rising tide can make wading difficult.

Be sure to include some kayaking during your visit to AlpenView Wilderness Lodge!

kodiak kayaking

kodiak alaska kayaking