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King Salmon on the Fly!

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The Water is Fantastic

*This is a 100% wade fishery. No fishing from boats. *The Ayakulik Valley is open grass land with a gentle grade.
Floating lines or light sink tips are the norm and both single and double hand rods work well. There are no root wads or sweeper trees. There are few obstructions to back casting and the free stone bottom is great for wading.

Chances for landing large fish on light tackle are high.

The Fish are Fantastic

The entire fishery takes place within 15 river miles of the sea so bright fish can and do reach all the pools. The kings average 20# and fish pushing 35# are caught every year. A large run of sockeye and a scattering of steelhead are mixed with the kings during their June and July run.

Alpenview’s Out Camp

The camp is located on the Ayakulik River in the heart of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. It’s a well-appointed tent camp with a six guest capacity.
All tents are pitched on wood floors. The main tent incorporates the kitchen and dining areas. Sleeper tents feature two beds, a light and heater. There is an enclosed toilet and a propane fired banya for washing up. Transportation along the river is accomplished in our jet boat, our inflatable catamaran and our raft.

AlpenView’s out camp fly fishing packages include all these services:

* Round trip seaplane transportation from the City of Kodiak.
* All meals, appetizer and snacks along with a variety of soft drinks and juices.
* Lodging, shared, two guests to a tent.
* Eight or more hours of guided fishing each day. Un-guided fishing in the evenings.
See for more information, prices and available dates. – PO Box 8571, Kodiak, Alaska 99615