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AlpenView Lodge Fishing

AlpenView’s lodge fishing program is an exciting mix of both fresh and saltwater opportunities.

Five species of pacific salmon, halibut, sea bass and Dolly Varden make up the majority of the action. Several other surprises occur occasionally including ling cod, rainbow trout and summer run steelhead. Fishing is accessed by traveling in boats from the lodge. We fish five river systems, several saltwater flats and an almost limitless number of saltwater hot spots. All fishing occurs within a couple hours travel time from the lodge. Several spots are only a few minutes away. Optional fly-outs to other areas are available.

The pride of our fleet is the CAPTAIN K, a 28′, high speed, fishing boat with plenty of room to fish six rods. Our 16′ inflatable cat is used in beaching operations.

We operate the 23’ ALPEN II for high speed travel to rivers and for fishing in the bay.

One of our freshwater silver pools.

A favorite saltwater fishing cape.

Our state of the art fishing kayaks are perfect for flats and estuaries.

Optional fly-outs to fish other rivers are available.