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The 2003 Season in Review

Highlights and Special Events

  The out camp underwent some big changes for the 2003 season. We expanded our guest capacity from four to six. To keep up with the added guests we expanded our staff by adding an additional guide. The main kitchen/dining room tent was expanded and new sleeping tents added.
In a remarkable feat of flying expertise, an 18' jet boat was flown in to expand the camps transportation capabilities. The jet boat proved to be popular with guests because it cut down transportation time between pools and opened up new areas of travel by boat.
To keep campers clean we installed the first banya (steam bath) on the upper Ayakulik in 4000 years (native Americans lived along the upper Ayakulik thousands of years ago and probably had a form of the modern banya). Whenever you place a hot steam bath next to a cold water pool the inevitable is going to happen. We now have the Ayakulik River Club which is joined by completely submerging one's self in the river after leaving the hot banya.  

Big King Salmon Day
The single most remarkable day of king salmon fishing I have ever had the pleasure of guiding occurred on June 12. Camp anglers landed 138 kings with five rods. Not only did we achieve this remarkable total, but the largest king ever landed at the camp was caught this day. Bob Price of Boise, Idaho, landed a 49" fish estimated at over 40 pounds. Bob has made about ten trips to the Ayakulik and he figures he has landed roughly one thousand kings. This was the largest he has ever landed, truly a one in a thousand fish!
Kings on the Fly
July 7 was quite a day for Arizona fisherman Calvin Quick. While fishing the day with his brother Mark, Calvin landed 15 kings on the fly! By besting Laurent Satage's June 2001 mark of 14, Calvin is the camp record holder for kings on the fly in one day.
  New Discovery
It's wonderful to note that after twenty five years of flying, boating and guiding around Kodiak, Island, there is still so much to discover. The 2003 season saw us fishing many new areas in both salt and freshwater. On August 29 clients Ray Sirois, Paul Sims and Chick Forrence and myself went for an afternoon hike out of the lodge. We had the distinct pleasure, while fishing a beautiful no name stream, of discovering a small run of summer run steelhead!

 People, Places and Dates
The following is a who, when and where overview of the 2003 season. An asterisk (*) is placed after a persons name if they are a repeat visitor. The asterisk is red (*) if they are veterans of three or more trips with our organization. We are honored by the continued patronage of our guests and blessed with the continued help of our friends and staff.


 June 7 - 14

Bob Price* Boise, ID

Pinky Gray* Carson City, NV

John Flaherty, Boise, ID

Roy Young, Fountain Hills, AZ

Steve Price, Garden City, ID

Staff: Dave Jones, Veronica Sims and Teddy Charliaga

 June 14 - 21

Leonard Ertle, Northglenn, CO

Per Lund-Johansen* Bergen, Norway

Odd Keller, Norway

Terje R. Pedersen* Oslo, Norway

Per Lund-Larsen* Asker, Norway

Staff: Dave Jones, Veronica Sims and Teddy Charliaga

 June 21 - 28

Frank Varriale* Boise, ID

Keith DeMond, Caldwell, ID

Mike McKay, Eagle, ID

Bill Davis* Boise, ID

Ed Bews* Boise, ID

Brent Varriale* Fruitland, ID 83619

Staff: Dave Jones, Veronica Sims and Teddy Charliaga


June 28 - July 5

Dan Case, Portland, OR

Mark Case, Tigard, OR

Russ Case, Tigard, OR

Elmer Case* Portland, OR

David Case Jr.* Hood River, OR

David Case* Portland, OR

Staff: Dave Jones, Veronica Sims and Tim Longrich


 July 5 - 12

Calvin Quick* Temple, AZ

Gene Shaheen* Scottsdale, AZ

Kim Shaheen, Los Angeles, CA

Mark Shaheen*Columbia Hights, MN

Staff: Dave Jones, Veronica Sims, Mark Vickstrom, Shawn Finn, Amy Finn, Hanna Clark and Brad Kutyna

Jones Family Week 


 August 2 - 9

Pat Steed* Eden, NC

Betsy Steed, Eden, NC

Sarah Steed, Washington, VA

Tom Steed, Key Largo, FL

Pam Steed, Key Largo, FL

Paul Petersen, Miami, FL

Staff: Dave Jones, Veronica Sims, Shawn Finn, Marie Finn and Hanna Clark.


Tom and Sarah display a nice saltwater king.



 August 13 - 17

J. Thompson* Mobile, AL

David Wiggins*Semmes, AL

Staff: Dave Jones and Veronica Sims

 August 23 - 30

Lenis Sims, Harrison, AR

Paul Sims, Harrison, AR

Moe Thibault, Hollis, NH

Ray Sirois, Fort Myers, FL

Charles Forrence, Hudson, NH

Staff: Dave Jones, Shawn Finn and Veronica Sims


 August 30 - September 6

Pinky Gray* Carson City, NV

Joe Toth* Carson City, NV

Jorg, Fritz* Poulsbo, WA

Walt Maslowski* Lima, OH

Craig Walkowski* Rockaway, NJ

Jim Jacobsen* Novato, CA 94945

Staff: Dave Jones, Shawn Finn, Carol Velez and Veronica Sims


 Camp September 13 - 20

Larry Treece, Denver, CO

Staff: Dave Jones and Veronica Sims


 September 20 - 27

Wade Ward* Jacksonville, NC

James Slack* Emerald Isle, NC

Rob Jones* Greenville, NC

Charles Efird* Jacksonville, NC

Staff: Dave Jones and Veronica Sims


 September 27 - October 4

Franz Landsiedl* Modling, Austria

Volkmar Hutschinski* Wien, Austria

Franz Hochecker* Guntrumsdorf, Austria

Manfred Heyderer* Guntramsdorf

Staff: Dave Jones and Veronica Sims


 October 4 - 11

Ray Estes* Denver, CO

Don Andrews* Denver, CO

Tom Safford* Ithaca, NY

Steve Lloyd, Anchorage, AK

Julie Drake, Anchorage, AK

Staff: Dave Jones, Shawn Finn and Veronica Sims


Special Thanks To:

Ole Olson, Pinky Gray, Tim Longrich, Mark and Zack Vickstrom for help setting up the camp in June.

Tim Longrich for substitute guiding in June.

Mark Vickstrom for substitute cooking in July.

Carol Velez for substitute cook/helper in August.

Oly Olson, Jerry Christiansen, George Kirk & Jim Arneson for help breaking down camp in October.