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AlpenView's 2006 Season Review

People, Places and Dates
The following is a who, when and where overview of the 2006 season. An asterisk (*) is placed after a person's name if they are a repeat visitor. The asterisk is red (*) if they are veterans of three or more trips with our organization. We are honored by the continued patronage of our guests and blessed with the continued help of our friends and staff.

Please help with this review. Send photos, additions and corrections to: mail@alpenview.com




Spring Projects

Some improvements were completed on AlpenView's west wing. We now have two guest rooms with private bathrooms!

We also installed a power inverter, battery bank and solar panels. The new equipment will allow us to have 24 hour electricity while running our generator for only 12 hours. The fuel savings are great in this day and age.

Special thanks to George Kirk, Mark Vickstrom and Jerry Christiansen for their help.

Above: Delivering plumbing materials in their landing craft and helping with the inverter instalation.

Left: My dog Boots inspects my first steelhead of 2006. Caught in a lake with no name at the edge of the winter ice.


Above: The out camp gets a new out house for 2006. Right: It looks like a bomb went off during the beginning stages of camp set-up.


Above: A red fox stands in the green spring growth of June.

Camp, June 2 - 10, 2006 

Thomas Lund * Vedbak, Denmark

Jerry Cook * Aptos, CA

Niels Due Jensen * Bjerringbro, Denmark 

Poul Due Jensen - Silkeborg, Denmark

Jan Tryk - Horsens, Denmark

Left: Clockwise from left, Dave, Jan, Eric, Poul and Neils.

Below: Jan with a fine sockeye.


Left: Jerry Cook with a king salmon. Below: Midnight sun catches Niels in his pajamas.



Above: Niels will use one of our kayaks to fish several pools, a great way to spend the day. Right: Niels with a king salmon.



Left top: Thomas with a king salmon. Left bottom: Poul with a king salmon. Below: Jan, nice shirt!



 Camp, June 10 - 15, 2006 

Chuck Widdicombe * Montana

Ron Pletcher * Montana

Joe Widdicombe * Montana 

Jim Jacobs - Maryland

Greg Kitzmiller * Lakewood, CO

Levi Pike * Littleton, CO

Left top, clockwise from upper left: Joe, Levi, Greg, Chuck, Jim, Ron, Dave and Eric.

Left bottom: Jim with a king salmon.

Below: Levi with a king salmon.


 Below: Greg with a king salmon.


 Left: A mother caribou and her calf frequent camp during June. Below: Veronica prepairs to smoke some king salmon for dinner.

 Out Camp, June 15 - 20, 2006

Tim Longrich * Kodiak, AK

Dennis Frome * Lake Oswego, OR

Rick Bakovic * San Pedro, CA

John Bakovic *

Bob Bakovic *

Paul Duffy - Seattle, WA

Mark Mailander - Cupertino, CA

Right top, clockwise from upper left: Rick, Bob, Mark, John, Dennis, Tim, Dave, Paul and Eric.

Right bottom: Rick with a king salmon.



Above: Tim with a steelhead.


Above: Paul and Rick with a stringer of sockeye.


Above: Paul with a king salmon.


Above: June, 1:20am.

 Out Camp, June 20th - 25th, 2006 

Dave Case * Portland, OR

Elmer Case * Portland, OR

Russ Case * Tigard, OR

Jennifer Curran * Lake Oswego, OR

Alex Piccirilli * Rush, NY

Paul Kennett * Woodbury, CT

Above, clockwise from lower left: Al, Elmer, Russ, Dave J., Eric, Paul, Dave C. and Jennifer.


Above: Dave and Jennifer in a king salmon, father/daughter picture.

Above: Float Trip! 


Above: A mother red fox and her kit.


Above: Russ with a king salmon.

 Above: Elmer with a king salmon.


Above: Al with a king salmon.


Above: Paul with a king salmon.


Above: Jennifer and Dave eating off the land.

 Out Camp, June 25 - 30, 2006 

Frank Varriale * Boise, ID

Brent Varriale * Fruitland, ID

Bill Davis * Boise, ID

Scott Bishop * Boise, ID

Coby Varriale - Fruitland, ID

Nick Varriale - Fruitland, ID

Right top, clockwise from lower left: Coby, Nick, Frank, Dave, Eric, Bill, Brent and Scott.

Right bottom: Nick with a king salmon.

Below: Bill with a king salmon



Above: Hey, look you guys. I think I see a bear over there.

 Above: Lunch

Our king/sockeye run at the camp was a historic low. The king run produced a meager 3,106 fish. The sockeye run fell below 150,000. The amazing thing was that, despite the low return, each angler was rewarded with several kings and sockeye. Our clients caught 520 kings, an average of 3 kings per angler day. We are quite proud of this given the circumstances.

Due to depressed stocks the Alaska Department of Fish and Game closed the Ayakulik to both king and sockeye fishing on July 1, 2006. The closure was on short notice so many of our early July camp clients were already en route to Alaska. Fortunately we were able to move operations to the lodge in Ugak Bay and accommodate our clients with a quality fishing experience. We are happy to say that, of the ten clients who were displaced by the river closure, nine are currently booked to return in 2007.


 Lodge, June 30 - July 8, 2006 

Leonard Ertle * Northglenn, CO

Frank Pirnique * Palouse, WA

Allan Pirnique - El Dorado, AR

Mack Jenkins - Indian Springs, AL

Left, left to right: Mack, Eric, Frank, Dave and Allan.



Left top: Frank and Allan during a fly-out trip to the Dog Salmon River. Left bottom: Mack and another fisherman during a fly-out trip to the Dog Salmon River. Above: Molly Jones prepairs to go out in a rain squall and do her evening chores at the lodge.


Lodge/Camp, July 8 - 15, 2006 

Ray Cyr * Caribou Woodland, ME

Bret Mattinson * North Aurora, IL

Bill Cyr * Nampa, ID

Bill McKee * Edmonds, WA

Ed Tostenrud - Mt. Vernon, WA

Dave Anderson - Nampa, ID

Left top, clockwise from left: Bret, Ed, Ray, Dave A., Bill C., Bill M. and Dave. Left bottom: Ugak Bay Club members enjoy a cold dip while taking a hot banya. Below: Guest Chef Bill and lodge Chef Veronica display a crab stuffed halibut.



Above: Bret battles a king salmon.


Above: Bret, Ed and Bill M. with saltwater king salmon.


Above: Dave A., Bill C. and Ed with saltwater king salmon.

Above: Bill Cyr commissions a fashion show to display AlpenView apparel.


During the July 8 - 15 week, guests spent some time at the out camp via fly-out.

Left top: Guide Eric helps Dave A. land a Dolly Varden while a bear looks on.

Left bottom: The same mother caribou and calf pictured in the June portion of this review. Note the antler growth in one month.

Below: Making the switch from Ugak Bay saltwater fishing and fly-out freshwater fishing.



 Lodge, July 15 - 22, 2006 

A family visit.

Left top, from left: Mickey Jones, Mathew, Tom Finn, Molly Jones, Amy Finn and Dave. Shawn is the photographer.

Left bottom: Lodge crew at a lake with no name during a trail cutting work day.

Below: Mathew with some king salmon.


 Lodge, July 22 - 26, 2006 

Gerard Gabel * Bellaire, TX

Chris Gable - Bellaire, TX

George Gable - Bellaire, TX

Keith Schauder * Houston, TX

Dillon Schauder * Houston, TX

Taylor Schauder * Houston, TX

Left, clockwise from far left: Dave, Eric, Taylor, Keith, Dillon, Gerard, George, Chris and Vikoda the bull dog.


Above: Angie and Karl with halibut.

Lodge, July 29 - August 2, 2006 

Carl and Angie Thomas - Los Alamos, NM

Lodge, August 2 - 5, 2006 

Chris Ng - Nashville, TN


Lodge, August 2 - 5, 2006 

Pinky Gray * Carson City, NV

Jackie Maslowski - Lima, OH

Trina Lucido - Oakton, VA

Kassia Snyder - Michigan

Right top: Trina and Kassia team up on the fishing rod to battle a halibut.

Right bottom: Dave, Jackie, Kassia and Trina display their catch.

Below, from left: Kassia, Jackie, Trina and Pinky.




Above: Jackie with a chum salmon.


Above: Kassia kayaking with the seals.

Above: Trina is the big winner on poker night.

Above: Kassia, and Trina join the Ugak Bay Club. 

Walter Maslowski fished with me on many occasions beginning in 1990. Over the years Walter was a consistant client that introduced my services to many people in the Lima, Ohio area. Each year several families and friends from Lima visit AlpenView as a result. Walter was a great fisherman and I know I learned as much from him as he did from me. My friend Walter's last trip to Kodiak was during the summer of 2003 (See 2003 photo below).

Walter and I had many wonderful experiences fishing on the Dog Salmon River. Walter asked that we scatter his ashes at the base of Frazer Falls on this same river.


Above: A fisherman's prayer for Walter Maslowski.


Above: Depositing Walter's ashes in Frazer Falls.

Above: Walter will have company each year during the sockeye run. The base of the falls is very popular with the bears. 


Above: My Daughters Molly and Kathryn Jones.

Lodge, August 12 - 19, 2006 

Pinky Gray * Carson City, NV

Vegas Vik Harlan - Las Vegas, NV

Below, clockwise from left: Eric, Veronica, Vegas Vik and Erika.



Left: Vegas Vik with a 53 pound halibut caught on the cast fly.

Above: Eric and Dave at the top of Mt. Geddis-Farzukan, 2558 feet above AlpenView's back door. A beautiful hike during which we feasted on salmon- berries, saw blacktail deer and lots of wildflowers (following seven photos).








Above, clockwise from bottom: Dave, John, Pat, Peter, Reinhard, Marion, Charlene (with Dolly the dog), Shawn and Eric.

Right: A sushi platter by Chef Veronica.

Lodge, August 19 - 26, 2006 

Pat Steed * Eden, NC

Marion Steed - Eden, NC

John Maresca * Wirtz, VA

Charlene Maresca - Wirtz, VA

Peter Schug - Staufenberg, Germany

Reinhard Schmidt - Giessen, Germany



Left and below: Veronica gives the girls belly dancing lessons and their performance sets off quite the dancing party.



Left top: Marion with a Dolly Varden

Left bottom: A brown bear charges right past us to catch a salmon.

Below: Marion and a bear.



Above: A happy birthday to Dan. Below: Eric and the Janowskis on a climb of Mt Geddis - Farzukan.


Lodge, August 26 - September 2, 2006 

Paul Scheiwiller * Lima OH

Scott Stallkamp - Lima, OH

Dan Wilker - Lima, OH

Joe L. Janowski - Lima, OH

Joe E. Janowski - Centerville, OH

Below, clockwise from far left: Eric, Dan, Scott, Shawn, Veronica (with Dolly the dog) Erika, Joe L., Paul and Joe E. 

Right top: Dan with a silver salmon.

Right bottom: Scott with a pink salmon.

Below: Paul with a silver salmon.


Below: Crab Night!


Below: The view out of the lodge living room window on a September morning.


 Lodge, September 2 - 9, 2006

Craig Walkowski * Rockaway, NJ

Ed Walkowski * Wharton, NJ

Dan Shupe - Dayton, NV

Joe Toth * Carson City, NV

Jim Jacobsen * Novato, CA

Andrew Lundsten - SanDiego, CA

John Lundsten - Buffalo, MN 


Above: Veronica and her happy helpers Hannah (left) and Carole (center).

Left, clockwise from the bottom: Jim, Shawn, John, Andrew, Dan, Craig, Ed and Dave.


Above: Gentleman Andrew helps Carole out of a kayak on Seal Island.


Above: Ed photographing wildlife from a kayak.

Below Seated: Ray. Middle row: Dave, Boyd and Chick. Top Row: Moe, Don, Bernie and Shawn.

Lodge, September 9 - 16, 2006 

Ray Sirois * Shapleigh, ME

Moe Thibault * Hollis, NH

Bernie Beaudoin * Overland Park, KS

Chick Forrence * Nashua, NH

Don Thibault - Nashua, NH

Boyd Hoskins - N. Venice, FL

Below: Don joins the Ayakulik River Club on an out camp fly-out. Don is also a member of the Ugak Bay Club.


 Out Camp, September 9 - 16, 2006 

Kim Hertel - Appling GA

Brian Hardy - Woodstock VT

Right: Not all anglers at the camp are fly fishermen. Eric demonstrates a different fishing style.

Below, clockwise from bottom: Kim, Brian, Erika and Eric.


Below: Brian with a silver salmon.


Below: ?, Kim and Eric on the to of Mt. Get-to-the-top, 970 feet above the camp.


Above: A Dolly Varden lunch.

Above: Dave with a steelhead. 


  Out Camp, September 16 - 26, 2006 

Nico Geoderen - Bad Ischl, Austria

Herbert Bramberger - Bad Ischl, Austria

Gustaf Steindl - Austria

Left: A nicely painted Dolly Varden.

Below, clockwise from bottom: Kathryn Jones, Eric, Nico, Herbert, Gustaf and Dave.

Below: A September frost. 

Below: Nico with a steelhead.

Below: A float plane is damaged on takeoff. We are happy to say that Chef Veronica, her dog Dolly and pilot Kyle Eaton were un-harmed.

Right: The damaged airplane is flown to Kodiak for repair.


 Camp, September 30 - October 7, 2006

Don Andrews * Denver, CO

Ray Estes * Denver, CO

Nathan Harnish * Aspen, CO

Bryan Nelson - Aspen, CO

Karl Cowzer - Saffron Walden, England

Nolan Cowzer - Saffron Walden, England

Below, clockwise from upper left: Ray, Bryan, Eric, Karl, Don, Dave, Nathan and Nolan.


Above: Karl and Nolan with silver salmon. Below: The camp crew for steelhead season 2006. Eric, Erika, Veronica and Dave. 

Camp, October 7 - 14, 2006

Dick Negley * San Antonio, TX

Tony Paulino-Alvarez * Reykjavik, Iceland

Chris Gill * San Antonio, TX

Fritz Jorg * Poulsbo, WA

Christopher Gill - San Antonio, TX 

Ed Hudson - Davis, CA

Below, clockwise from upper left: Dick, Chris, Fritz, Tony, Christopher, Eric, Dave and Ed.


Above: Chris doesn't travel light.

Below: Dick waits for a jet boat pick-up in the Ayakulik.



Above: Christopher at camp. Below: Ed tying flys.

Below: Fritz and Chris with a steelhead.


Below: Fritz with another steelhead. We got used to it after a while. 


 Left top: Veronica enjoys the flowers brought to her by the guests.

Left center: Tony and Ed on the ride home to camp in the boat.

Left bottom: The wine/rod rack.

Below: Dave and Fritz enjoy the afternoon sun at the end of their 19th consecutive season as guide and client. It's been a great pleasure and I can't wait until our 2007 adventures.

Below: Guide Eric's dad joins the camp crew for camp breakdown. During the week we went after a little camp meat.


Below: Bob Cymbolin with a steelhead.