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AlpenView's 2008 Season Review

People, Places and Dates
The following is a who, when and where overview of the 2008 season. An asterisk (*) is placed after a person's name if they are a repeat visitor. The asterisk is red (*) if they are veterans of three or more trips with our organization. We are honored by the continued patronage of our guests and blessed with the continued help of our friends and staff.

Please help with this review. Send photos, additions and corrections to: mail@alpenview.com

 Our season always starts with camp set-up. We started set-up in 2008 on April 16 to accommodate our second year of spring steelhead fishing.

Out camp set-up crew included Denby Lloyd, Suzanne Schmidt, Donn Tracy and Stig Yngve from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Mike Getman from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Tim Longrich, Eric Cymbolin and Dave Jones.


Some set up crew left to right: Stig Yngve, Suzanne Schmidt, Denby Lloyd, Mike Getman and Eric Cymbolin.

Some of the steelhead tagged during a joint ADF&G/USF&WS project.


Our first task was to conduct a steelhead tagging project.


Suzanne Schmidt and Stig Yngve take scale and DNA samples, record lenght and tag a steelhead.


Captain Willy sets us into the Dog Salmon River.

 Camp, April 19 to 26, 2008

Fritz Jorg * Poulsbo, WA

Pat Steed * Eden, NC

Tim Longrich * Kodiak, AK

John Maresca * Wirtz, VA

Staff for the week were Dave Jones and Eric Cymbolin.


Fritz fishing the pool below the upper falls.


Tim and Pat float the river.



Pat jumps a nice one.

Pat with a steelhead.


Lunch at Red Lake.

The first fish sandwiches of the 2008 season. 

Left to right: Fritz, John, Tim, Eric and Pat. 



Bull caribou get their new antlers in the spring.



During a spring trip it can get cold. Humans and animals both need to tough it out.

This snow covered caribou is a cow. Note the old antlers. 


 The time between spring steelhead and king/sockeye is spent doing projects. AlpenView's saltwater boat, Finlander is hauled out for yearly bottom paint and maintainence.

Tim Longrich and Dave Jones visited the lodge to build a new smoke house and do some painting.



Old friends and new join at the camp to get it ready for the first clients of the king/sockeye season. On hand were Ole Olsen, Tim Longrich, Lonnie White, Bob Richmond and others.



Surf and Turf

Left to right standing: Dave, Molly, Eric, Kevin, Mark, Tyler and Tom P.

Kneeling: Tom H. and Todd.

Camp, June 10 - 15, 2008 

Kevin Masterson - Montrose, AL

Tyler Masterson - Montrose, AL

Mark Newell - Mobile, AL

Tom Hemphill - Fairhope, AL

Tom Prettyman - Redondo Beach, CA

Todd Frick - Montrose, AL





Dave giving spey lessons to Todd has a successful ending.



A nice king for Mark.

Bragging rights. 

First to bloom. 

Eric helps Tom P. with a steelhead. 


Tyler with a steelhead.


Tom H. with a steelhead.


Kevin with a nice king.


Lunch on a hike to Red Lake.


June fishing at Red Lake was not too good.

 Molly had a good time on the hike.

 Camp, June 15 - 20, 2008 

Frank Pirnique * Palouse, WA

Mack Jenkins * Indian Springs, AL

Mark Mailander * Cupertino, CA

Allan Pirnique * El Dorado, AR

Dave Pirnique - Atlanta, GA

Mike Pirnique - Little Rock, AR

Left to Right: Eric, Dave J., Dave P., Allan, Mike, Frank, Mark and Mack.

Helper Molly and Chef Veronica.


Above: Veronica grilling sockeye.

Left: Eric kicking back after a day on the river. 

Mack has a go at the Ayakulik Classic. A competition to cast across the river.

Poker Night 

Dave fights a king in the home pool. 


Frank chasing sockeye.


Mark battles a nice king to the beach.


Nice one Mark.

Dave P. with a sockeye. 

Mike and Eric with a king. 

Allan, Mike, Frank and Dave. The Pirnique boys. 

Eric helps Allen with a king.


Above: Dave and a fox.

Right: Mike and the midnight sun.


Camp, June 20 - 25, 2007

 Dave Case * Portland, OR

Elmer Case * Portland, OR

Russ Case * Tigard, OR

Jennifer Curran * Lake Oswego, OR

Mark Case * Portland, OR

Bruce Case - Portland, OR

Left to right, top down: Bruce, Elmer, Russ, Dave C., Jennifer

Dave and Mark. 


Mark chasing sockeye.


Russ fishing for a king.


Elmer is hooked up.


Jennifer with a fish on.



Russ relaxing at Bare Creek Pool.

Dave helps Bruce with a steelhead. 


A fine stringer of sockeye.

Dave C. and a king.

Sockeye catching and cleaning on fish keeping day.



A brown bear fishing Red Lake Creek.

Camp, June 25 - 30, 2008 

Frank Varriale * Boise, ID

Brent Varriale * Fruitland, ID

Bill Davis * Boise, ID

Scott Bishop * Boise, ID

Brayden Sielaff - Meridian, ID

Trent Koci - Boise, ID

Brent with a king.

Frank chasing sockeye. 


Scott with a spey rod steelhead.

Molly's art work.


Brent and Frank get the Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval.

Left to right: Frank, Trent, Eric, Dave, Scott, Brent, Brayden and Bill. 


Float trip, stage one.

Float trip, stage two. 


Trent is hooked up. 


Trent's first king on the fly.


Leaping eagle.



A bear fishing the home pool.


Banya day. 


Bill with a king.

Camp, June 30 - July 5, 2008

Don Andrews * Denver, CO

Rick Bakovic * San Pedro, CA

John Bakovic * Springfield, VA

Bob Bakovic * Long Beach, CA

Jim Jacobs * Riva, MD

Dick Friis - Bowie, MD


Nice king, Don!




The Donald


Jim and Dick

Veronica shoots a demo cast. 

Midnight Sun 

Fishing the comfortable way. 


John with a jack king.


Rick and the bears.

Getting after it. 


Bob and the bears.

Sharpening shooting skills. 

What are you two doing in there? 


Left to right: Rick, John, Don, Dave, Eric, Bob, Jim and Dick.

 Camp, July 5 - 10, 2008

Dennis Frome * Portland, OR

Matthias Wlk - Vienna, Austria

Christian Gruber - Vienna, Austria

Steve Gray - Kodiak, AK

Mary Gray - Kodiak, AK


Christian "The Tongue" chasing sockeye.


Above: Mary with a sockeye on the line.

Right: She landed it!


Steve has some great waders.


Matthias with a sockeye.


Suzie Mocha and the Chocolate Drops. Note how thin she is in July. 

Tough Guys 


Float Trip









Matthias hooked up. 


Christian guest chefs an Austrian dish.

Final Approach 


Note the old coats on the animals in July. They look much different in October as you can see near the end of this season review.

Dennis and Eric with a king. 

Christian with a king. 

Fish On! 


Fish Gone!

Suzie Mocha and the Chocolate Drops 





Dave's lovely wife Mickey and Vikoda the bull dog tour the South Arm of Ugak Bay.

 Lodge, July 12 - 19, 2008

AlpenView Friends and Family Week

Guest chef Brandon serves Mickey and Fru.


Shawn builds fish sandwiches on a creek with no name.


Left to right, top: Fru, Allen and Ann Marie.

Bottom: Amy, Molly, Thomas and Jonathan.


Game night.

Be safe girls.

Captain Josh loads his plane with a smile. 


Jonathan glassing the hills.


Misty morning kayaking.


One word, Gerry.

A dead whale attracts the bears. They reeeeeeeealy like it.


Dave and Eric subsistence fishing for sockeye. All of us holier than thou sport fishermen need to stop the dirty rotten net fishermen.

Dave and Shawn. 









Ann Marie with the first two yellow eye rock fish caught at AlpenView!


Yellow eye Brandon.



AlpenView's new cold smoker (at center).


Allen lands a Dolly Varden.


Brad and Diana with a halibut.

Diana, Brad and George. 


Flying into the South Arm of Ugak Bay. 


Setting the crab pots.

Some of our commercial fishing fleet. 



Brad, Eric and Dave with some sockeye.

John on lead guitar. 



Gerry grades the road with one of his many toys.

Lodge, July 19 - 26, 2008

Art Gilbert - Summerfield, NC 

Art hooked up on a sockeye. 


Art with a sockeye.

Eric, Art amd Dave.

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam. 


Wesley on deck for a kayaking trip.

Lodge, July 26 - August 2, 2008

Fritz Jorg * Poulsbo, WA 

Kirsten Miller - San Diego, CA

Rick Saroney * Pinetop, AZ 

Barbara Whitaker - Pinetop, AZ


Rick and Barbara with a fine catch.

The Finlander loaded with toys. 


Kayak Adventure


Kirsten out paddling.


Barbara and Rick with the seals.

Barbara and Rick by Rino Rock. 


Fritz fights a halibut on the fly.


Shawn is kept busy during catch and release halibut fishing.



Pulling the motor.

Down for repairs. 


Chasing Chums


Fritz and Kirsten with a chum.

Humpback Whale 


Fritz's annual beachcombing trip at Gull Cape Lagoon.

Kirsten puts the wood to a halibut. 



Dave hooked up.


He went that-a-way.

Poker Night 


Wesley, the big winner!


Sea cucumber fishing on a low tide.





Horses at Saltry Cove.


Bone collectors.



Staff in The Fly Shop, Family Camp T shirts.



Nice halibut, Bob.


Rick and a lingcod.

Lodge, August 2 - 7, 2008

Jack Collings * Ventura, CA 

Brian Collings * Ventura, CA 

Eric Neumann - Simi Valley, CA

Jim Collings - Wilmington, DE

Rick Raives - Ventura, CA

Bob Prodoehl - Ventura, CA 

Left to right: Bob, Eric N., Eric C., Bryan, Shawn, Jack and Jim

Dave and Rick

Gray whales. 




Red Irish lord.


Jack and Eric N.



Spring creek.


Above: Tanner crab's molted shell.

Left: Thousands of crab shells on the beach.




AlpenView's new blow boat.






Photo op. Nice halibut, Jim.


Jim with a yellow eye rock fish.


Jack with a chum.

 Bryan with a chum.

The butcher of Ugak Bay. 

Hey dude.


What a spread! Poached rock fish.



 Lodge, August 7 - 12, 2008

John Klemzak - Kodiak, AK 

Margaret Commins - Kodiak, AK

Jackie Nichols - Alsea, OR

Bill Nichols - Alsea, OR

Shawn shares Margaret's first fly fishing experience.


John begins fly casting.

Margaret bear viewing. 


Photo op.


The Finlander heads out for a day of sea kayaking.




Everyone into the pool! Harbor seals spook into the water as kayakers approach.








Sea Otter





Bill and Jackie


Smiles everyone. This is what a tanner crab looks like when it's smiling.


Bill helps Jackie with her big fish. 


A climb of Mt. Geddis-Farzukan 


Tundra vole trails.






A bear crossing a snow field.

Bill and Jackie at the top. 


Sliding in the August snow.

The hills are alive with the sound of music. Walking through Julie Andrews Land. 


Flying over Saltery Cove.




 AlpenView's Guest Rooms



188# fish for Bruce.

 Lodge, August 16 - 23, 2008

Ray Sirois * Shapleigh, ME

Scott Bobbitt * Nashua, NH

Fred Bobbitt - Miriden, CT

Bernie Beaudoin * Overland Park, KS

Tony Beaudoin - Los Angeles, CA

 Stephen Beaudoin - Park City, UT

Bruce Jonas - Tampa, FL


Eggs Veronica. Made with lox.


How am I to keep trim in this job?


Crab Stuffed Lox


Clients pack their fish with the lodge vacuum packer. A wonderful treat for friends and family back home.


At work packing fish in the shed.

Stephen and Bruce on the top of Mt. Geddis-Farzukan.

Not all bears live on the salmon streams. This one is a couple thousand feet up the mountain. 


Left and above: Bernie chasing chums.

The famous AlpenView fish sandwich lunch. 


Fred at the wheel of the Finlander.

Stephen and a halibut. 


Nice catch, guys! 


Tie Night 


Clockwise from center bottom: Bernie, Stephen, Bruce, Dave, Shawn, Eric, Ray, Scott, Fred and Tony.


Shawn and Amy phone home.


  Lodge, August 23 - 30, 2008

Paul Scheiwiller * Lima, OH

Scott Stallkamp * Lima, OH

Charlie Ryan * Lima, OH

Joe Janowski * Lima, OH

Bob Hair - Lima, OH

Mike Stewart - Sparta, TN




Left to right: Bob, Mike, Paul, Joe, Scott and Charlie.


Bob and a Dolly.


Flat tire.


A great day of bear viewing in Eagle Harbor.







High Tide


Catch and release.


Joe with a silver.


A nice day on the ocean.





Above: Blow boat fishing.

Right: Paul loves blue water fly fishing.




Eric takes a fish bath, part of AlpenView's spa program.

A jack king salmon in Eagle Harbor. 


Saltwater silver on the fly. 


Eric with a Dolly Varden.

A fish's view of Dave. 


Photo op.


Horseshoes, anyone?



Hummingbird on Kodiak?



Shawn, Veronica and Carole canning fish. 


It's not a skirt! It's a sarong. 

 Lodge, August 30 - September 6, 2008

Joe Toth * Carson City, NV

Jim Jacobsen * Novato, CA

Chick Forrence * Nashua, NH

Moe Thibault * Hollis, NH

Chick, Moe and Jim enjoy an evening on the deck.


An evening of wine tasting at the Murphy's.


Lynn and Jim explore the history of Hidden Basin wines.


Wayne Murphy 


Dave, Lynn and Joe.

Heading home after dark.


Carole and Joe.


A little brown bat, one of Kodiak's six indiginous land mammals.



A couple of pictures taken while passing Seal Island.


Jim owns the Finlander for a shot time.


Shawn, Chick and Moe with some nice fish.


Cold smoked silver salmon.



Moe - Bear - Chick


Moe is hooked up.



Alfred Hitchcock Rock


Smoked beef for dinner.



That's my hat, Carole.


Wesley cleans up.



Little umbrellas, what a class act.

Lodge/Camp, September 6 - 13, 2008

Ray Cyr * Caribou Woodland, ME

Bill McKee * Edmonds, WA

Ed Tustenrud * Mt. Vernon, WA

David Anderson * Nampa, ID

Jeff Walling - Castle Rock, WA

Geoff Bull - Srons Plain, Canada

Ed presents fly kits he tied for each member of the group. 


Left to right: Ed, David A., Jeff, Shawn, Ray, Geoff and Bill.

Dave and Geoff 

Jeff and David on poker night. 


Ray and Dave with a silver.


Jeff's catch on his first day of fishing in Alaska. 


Five crab on the same bait!

Eric's first steelhead on a lake with no name. 


A view of Waterfall Arm from the trail to a lake with no name.


Dave and Ed with a silver.


Shawn and Geoff with a big halibut.

One piece for Ed, one piece for Geoff, one piece for David.......

Ed throws a horseshoe in a tournament. 


David, Jeff and Eric swim across the river.


Let's try a different fly.

Captain Willie taxis up to camp. 


Camp, September 13 - 20, 2008

Larry Treece * Denver, CO

Nate Harnish * Aspen, WA

Jeff Hardy - Johnston, IA

Matthias Wagener - Thousand Oaks, CA

Chris Wagener - Bethlehem, PA


Left to right: Nate, Chris, Matthias, Dave, Veronica, Eric, Larry and Jeff.

Jeff shows off some of his fly boxes. 


Chris is hooked up.



Matthias shooting pictures.


Matthias and a silver.


Chris and a silver.


Jeff, you're not in Iowa anymore.

Heading home. 

Dolly Varden 

Looks like fun! 

Nate and a steelhead. 


Larry lands a nice silver.


A fish's eye view of Larry.


Larry gets a nap while moving to the next pool.


Who wears short shorts?


Larry jumps a silver.

Frog water silver fishing. 



One of Jeff's steelhead.

Wesley cleaning up. 

Camp, September 20 - 27, 2008

Tom Segrave - Greenville, NC

Joe Segrave - Biltmore Lake, NC

Ryan Segrave - Morehead City, NC

Jim Goodwin - Charleston, SC

Ray Ball - Morehead City, NC

Jim "V" Barkley - Weaverville, NC


Gearing up at Mack's Sport Shop.


Left to right top: Ray, Ryan, Jim G., Joe, Jim B. and Tom.

Bottom: Dave, Eric and Wesley.


Hey Joe, where you going with that fish in your hand.




Don't worry Jim, everyone gets a big fish picture. 


Camp's main tent.


Paper Work


Tom and Dave. 

The punch line. 


Wesley helps Jim G. with a nice silver.

 Wesley helps Ray with a nice silver.


Great music, Tom.

Joe with a steelhead. 


Wesley helps Ryan with a nice steelhead.


Dave and teammate Jim B. work to land one of the winning fish in the last day fishing contest.

Jim B. with a steelhead. 





Camp from the mountain.


Red Lake Creek and the Ayakulik from the mountain.

Cape Ikolik and the North Pacific Ocean from the mountain. 

Climbing Mt. Get-to the-Top. 

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