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AlpenView's 2013 Season Review

People, Places and Dates
The following is a who, when and where overview of the 2013 season. An asterisk (*) is placed after a person's name if they are a repeat visitor. The asterisk is red (*) if they are veterans of three or more trips with our organization. We are honored by the continued patronage of our guests and blessed with the continued help of our friends and staff.

Please help with this review. Send photos, additions and corrections to: mail@alpenview.com

The 2013 season started, as they all must, with the setting up of the out camp. Set up crew were Dave Jones, Isaac Fritz, Wesley Pedersen and Mike Kemna.

Left to right: Mike, Dennis, Dave, Richard, Peter and Isaac.
Camp, June 15 - 19, 2013
Guests: Peter Crowell - Albuquerque, NM + Dennis Crowell + Richard Crowell.
Crew: Mike Kemna, Isaac Fritz and Dave Jones

Richard Crowell fights a leaping sockeye.

Guide Mike Kemna helps Peter Crowell display his king salmon.


A brown bear charges a school of sockeye, then plunges and come up successful.

Left to right, top row: Volker, Tom, Alfred and Shawn.
Bottom row: Mary and Dave
Lodge/Camp Combination, June 19 - 26, 2013
Guests: Volker Friedrich - Gifhorn, Germany + Alfred Grundke - Diesdorf, Germany + Tom Young - Wake Forest, NC
Mary Kircher - Wake Forest, NC
Crew: Mickey Jones, Isaac Fritz, Fru Finn, Shawn Finn, Dan Zwaluwenburg, Mike Kemna and Dave Jones

Volker and Shawn with a lingcod. 


Alfred with a king salmon.


Fru Finn masters the art of firing up the banya while working as "one of the little people" at AlpenView.

Left to right, top row: David, Allen, Tom, Frank and Mary.
Bottom row: Dan and Michael.
Camp, June 22 - 29, 2013
Guests: David Pirnique * + Michael Pirnique * + Allen Pirnique * El Dorado, AR + Frank Pirnique * Palouse, WA + Tom Young - Wake Forest, NC
Mary Kircher - Wake Forest, NC.

Crew: Isaac Fritz, Dan Zwaluwenburg and Dave Jones.


Left: Dave Jones accepts a new out-house door donated by David Pirnique.


Allen Pirnique battles a king salmon.

A young bald eagle tries to talk a brown bear out of a piece on its catch.

Left to right: Steve, Richard, Bill, Mark, Dan, Charlie, Henry and Isaac.
Camp, June 29 - July 6, 2013
Guests: Bill Engber * Madison, WI + Richard Glad - Madison, WI + Steve Born - Madison, WI + Mark Jackson - Verona, WI + Henry Haugley
Charlie Hodulik.
Crew: Isaac Fritz, Dan Zwaluwenburg and Dave Jones.

Bill Engber ties flies for the next day's fishing.


Charlie Hodulik with a nice king salmon.


Left to right: Isaac, Shawn, Marty, Dan, Tom, Mickey, Martha, Dave, Bob, Fru, Terry, Pat and Kevin.
Camp/Lodge combination, July 6 - 13, 2013
Guests: Pat Steed * Eden, NC + Marty Steed * Atlanta, GA + Tom Steed * Key Largo, FL + Kevin Steed + Bob Morrissey * Annapolis, MD
Martha Morrissey * Annapolis, MD +Terry Irvine - Caroline, AB.
Crew: Isaac Fritz, Dan Zwaluwenburg, Shawn Finn, Fru Finn, Mickey Jones and Dave Jones.

Pat and Tom Steed and Terry Ervine work out a sockeye triple hook-up.


Pat Steed hooked up on a king salmon with his Spey rod.


Marty Steed, Isaac and Bob Morrissey show off two nice halibut.


Chef Mickey Jones whips up a big farm breakfast at the lodge.

Left to right: Dave, Tim, Phillip, Trent, Jessie, Isaac, Timothy, Scotty and Dan.
Lodge, July 13 - 20, 2013
Guests: Scotty Scott - Angleton, TX + Jessie Scott - Angleton, TX + Timothy Scott - Angleton, TX + Trent Scott - Angleton, TX
Phillip Scott - Angleton, TX + Tim Drury - Angleton, TX.
Crew: Isaac Fritz, Dan Zwaluwenburg, Fru Finn, Mickey Jones and Dave Jones.


Trent and Timothy Scott and Tim Drury with a stringer of scokeye.


Phillip, Timothy and Trent Scott with a stringer of pink salmon and Dolly Varden.


Scotty Scott did this chainsaw bear carving for AlpenView.


Isaac made a hike beyond a lake with no name to get this water fall shot.

Left to right: Susan, Bob, Booboo and Yogi.
Camp, July 24 - 27, 2013
Guests: Susan and Bob Franklin - Denver, CO.
Crew: Isaac Fritz.


Bob Franklin with a sockeye.


A brown bear looking in the mirror.


Clockwise from left front: Kathryn, Isaac, Dave, MaeKennah, John and Zach.
Lodge, July 27 - August 3, 2013
Guests: Kathryn Jones-Porter * Dickinson, ND + Zach Porter * Dickinson, ND + MaeKennah Porter * Dickinson, ND
John Hoffman - Montoursville, PA.
Crew: Isaac Fritz, Dave Jones and Mickey Jones.


MaeKennah Porter and Mickey Jones serve up some crab legs.


Kathryn, Zach and MaeKennah Porter with a nice halibut.


Left to right: Steve, Joe, Belan, Craig, Daniel, Bob, Jodi, Isaac, Rob, Matt and Shawn. Sitting: Dave.
Lodge, August 3 - 7, 2013
Guests: Rob Spencer - Potomac, MD + Matt Spencer - Potomac, MD +Jodi Skrobecki - Potomac, MD + Belan Wagner * Mather, CA
Steve Mopsick - Sacramento, CA + Craig Connerty + Robert Wallace - Sacramento, CA + Daniel Lee *.
Crew: Isaac Fritz, Dave Jones, Joe Classen, Shawn Finn, Fru Finn and Mickey Jones.


Shawn Finn is off for a day of freshwater fly fishing with the Spencer group.


Steve Mopsick with the big halibut of the week.


Shawn and Isaac return with the seasons first deer.



The AlpenView crew driving a well for AlpenView's new building.


Shawn welding on another stick of pipe for the well.


Left to right: Dave, Jim, Paul, Shawn, Mickey, Charlie and Anne.
Lodge/Camp Combination, August 7 - 14, 2013
Guests: Anne Ryan - Lexington, KY + Charlie Ryan * Lima, OH + Paul Scheiwiller * Lima, OH + Jim Patterson - Lima, OH.
Crew: Isaac Fritz, Joe Classen, Dave Jones, Shawn Finn and Mickey Jones.


Paul Scheiwiller just looks like a poker player.


Jim Patterson and Charlie Ryan bracket the big winner, Shawn Finn.


Jim Patterson with the season's largest halibut to date 170#.


Paul Scheiwiller and Anne Ryan kayak up to some resting harbor seals.


Camp, August 10 - 13, 2013
Guests: Olivier Messier and friend - France
Crew: Isaac Fritz and Joe Classen.



Wildlife around camp, photos by Joe Classen.



[Continued in Part 2]