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AlpenView's 2014 Season Review

Please help with this review. Send photos, additions and corrections to: mail@alpenview.com


 AlpenView 2014

I would like to thank all our guests for making this fun and rewarding profession possible.

Dave Jones


Part 1, Our Guests

An * after a guest's name indicates that the person is a repeat guest. If it is red (*) the person is a veteran of three or more trips with AlpenView.


June 21, 2014
Left to right top row: Henry, Jim, Britta, Richard, Tyler and Dave. Bottom row: Bill, Chris and Isaac.
Guests: Bill Engber * Madison, WI + Richard Glad * Madison, WI + Henry Haugley * Sun Prairie, WI + Jim Bartelt - Madison, WI + Chris and Tyler Sirois * Green, ME


June 28, 2014
Left to right: Dan, Britta, Adam, Vic, Curtis, Volker, Alfred and Isaac
Guests:Volker Friedrich * Gifhorn, Germany + Alfred Grundke * Diesdorf, Germany + Adam Acosta - Australia + Vic Acosta - Sacramento, CA + Dan and Curtis Howard - Morrill, NE


July 5, 2014
Left to right: John, Isaac, Pat, Lindo, Marc, Marie and Don
Guests: John Maresca * Wirtz, VA + Pat Steed * Eden, NC + Lindo Daum * Hernsbach, Germany + Don Robinson - Winter Park, FL + Marc and Marie Solioz - Yvorne, Switzerland


July 9, 2014
Left to right: Jason, David and Steve
Guests: Steve Pitchon - Scarsdale, NY + Jason Chang - Bronx, NY + David Kaufman - New York, NY


July 12, 2014
Left to right, top row: Laura, Sam, Isaac, Jim, Jan and Britta Bottom: Dave
Guests: Laura Roberts and Sam Gray - Billings, MT + Jim and Jan Hansford - Mosinee, WI


July 16, 2014
Left to right: Cami, Virgine, Karim, Isaac, Britta and Dave
Guests: Virgine Dantard, Karim and Cami Elkooli - Montpellier, France


July 19, 2014
Left to right, top row: Dan, Ryan, Shawn, Jim and Mac Bottom: Isaac, David and Dave
Clients: Dan and Ryan Larocca - Folsom, CA + Jim, Mac and David Carlsen - Folsem, CA


July 22, 2014
Left to right, top row: Molly, Dave, Mickey, Kathryn and Zach Bottom: Vikoda and MaeKennah
Guests: Molly Jones * Ellensburg, WA - Zach, Kathryn and MaeKennah Porter * Dickinson, ND


July 26, 2014
Left to right: Isaac, Dave, Francis and Les Inset: Glen
Guests: Francis Valerio - Valley, NE + Les Valerio - Symrna, TN + Glen Fortier - Cape Coral, FL
(Not pictured) Blake Fortier - Cape Coral, FL

August 6, 2014
Left to right: Isaac, Pierre, Dave and Bruno
Guests: Bruno Castagnet - Labenne, France + Pierre Castagnet - Rozes, France


August 16, 2014
Left to right: Brett, Kevin, Dave and Phillip Bottom: Don, Mike, Cheryl and Bruce
Clients: Phillip Scott * Angleton, TX + Brett Crochet - Pearland, TX + David Smith - Angleton, TX + Kevin Martinez - League City, TX + Mike & Cheryl Giraud - Cave Creek, AZ +
Bruce Pett - Louisville, KY


August 19, 2014
Left to right: Isaac, Britta, Jeannie and Paul
Guests: Jeannie Rhee + Paul Rhee

August 23, 2014
Left to right, top row: Udo, Peter, Dieter C. and Dieter H. Bottom row: Jennifer and Mickey
Guests: Peter Shug * Staufenberg, Germany + Dieter Chmil - Terrace, BC + Udo Becker - Allendorf, Germany + Dieter Hartmann - Allendorf, Germany

August 30, 2014
Left to right, top row: Ken, Dave S., Joe C., Bruce, Joe T., Amy, Shawn and Joe H. Bottom row: Mark, Scott, Dave and Jim
Guests: Joe Toth * Gardnerville, NV + Jim Jacobsen * Novato, CA + Scott Pynnonen * L'Anse, MI + Bruce Pynnonen * Midland, MI + Ken Summersett - Grand Blanc, MI + Mark Summersett - L'Anse, MI + Joe Holman - Marquette, MI + Dave Stimac - L'Anse, MI

September 6, 2014
Left to right: Al and John
Guests: John Heberer - St. Louis, MO + Al Maiuro - St. Charles, MO

September 10, 2014
Left to right, top row: Shawn, Jacob, Jack, Mike, Hal, Ray and Mickey Middle row: Amy, Bob and Michael Bottom row: Dave, Patrick and Fritz
Guests: Fritz Jorg * Poulsbo, WA + Hal Weirth * Bremerton, WA + Ray Sirois * Shapleigh, ME + Michael Sirois * Hinesburg, VT + Bob Sirois * Harwinton, CT + Patrick Wells - Springville, NY + Mike Wells + Jack Argetsinger

September 13, 2014
Left to right: Don and Chick Insets: Richard and John
Guests: Chick Forrence * Hudson, NH + Don Berube * Nashua, NH + Richard Graham - Colorado Springs, CO + John McCullough - Monument, CO


September 13, 2014
Left to right, top row: David, Isaac, Wayne and Richard Bottom row: Britta and Kathleen
Guests: Richard Rix - England + David + Wayne and Kathleen Hadley - Deer Lodge, MT

September 20, 2014
Left to right, top row: Kerry, Rob, Frank, Joe and Jeff Bottom row: Isaac, Britta, Brent and Scott
Guests: Frank Varriale * Boise, ID + Brent Varriale * Fruitland, ID + Scott Kaufman * Idaho Falls, ID + Jeff Burkhardt * Vale, OR + Kerry Kegel * Ontario, OR + Rob Buzzini - Boise, ID

September 27, 2014
Guest: Donnie Andrews * Denver, CO.

November 6, 2014
Left to right: Bill, Judy, Mickey and Dave
Guests: Bill and Judy Murphy * Valdez, AK

November 21, 2014
Left to right: Dave, Zach, Kathryn and Mickey
Guests: Zach and Kathryn Porter * Dickinson, ND

Part 2, V.I.P.
I hesitated to use the term V.I.P. in this book because it has always been AlpenView’s policy to treat all our guests as V.I.P.
The people featured in this part are included, not because they are singled out to receive special treatment, but for the following reasons:
*Most are veterans of ten or more trips with AlpenView.
*Many began their adventures on Kodiak Island, with Dave Jones, prior to AlpenView in places like Olga Bay and the Ayakulik River.
* Most have visited both the lodge and camp and most have made multiple visits in a single season.
*All have shared our experience with several of their friends and family. This patronage has resulted in a significant portion of our overall business.
* Many have hosted AlpenView staff in their homes and acted as tour guides sharing their home towns and country sides with us.
* Many have hosted or joined us on fishing and hunting excursions in the lower 48 and Hawaii.
We love you guys!

Above: Pat Steed, V.I.P.

Above: Charlie Ryan, VIP

Below: Fritz Jorg, VIP

Above: Donnie Andrews, VIP

Below: Ray Sirois, VIP

Above: Joe Toth, VIP

Below: Jim Jacobsen, VIP


Above: Brent Varriale, VIP

Below: Frank Varriale, VIP


Above: Peter Schug, VIP

[Part 3, Events]