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Kodiak Island fishing charters are included in your stay at AlpenView

AlpenView offers Alaska saltwater fishing at its best. Fishing in Alaska is good in general but fishing on Kodiak Island is some of Alaska’s best fishing.

kodiak island fishing charters

Halibut, king salmon, silver salmon, lingcod and rock fish top the list of species caught in AlpenView’s saltwater fishery. Guests can also participate in fishing for Alaskan crab! Fishing tackle is provided to our guests.

kodiak saltwater fishing

AlpenView maintains a variety of boats to access these fisheries. Our largest is the 28’ C/V CAPTAIN K which features an enclosed cabin and enclosed toilet facilities. Our boats are fast and can reach the farthest of our fishing areas in a 90 minute run.

kodiak fishing boat

The 23’ C/V ALPEN II is an open design that is perfect for fly fishing and fighting fish on light tackle.

Sharing the catch with family and friends back home can be a satisfying part of an Alaskan fishing trip. For more information on caring for and transporting your catch see “Getting Your Catch Home”.