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Viewing Kodiak Wildlife

Guests of AlpenView are exposed to many different species of wildlife. At the lodge or in the field, wildlife is always a part of the picture in remote areas of Kodiak Island.

Guests can choose between several wildlife viewing activities. Whale watching for gray, humpback and orca whales, viewing seals, sea lions and a wide variety of sea birds can all be accomplished in our boats and kayaks. A hike to the high country back of the lodge provides opportunities to see black tail deer, mountain goat, bear and other animals.

The Viewing season at the lodge begins in June when rookery islands are covered with nesting sea birds and their young. The early season features the young of the year and it’s a treat to see the bear cubs and deer fawns as they visit the beaches. The spawning salmon in August and September are favorites of the Kodiak bears and this is the best time to find them feeding on the streams.

Guests can make dedicated wildlife viewing excursions or enjoy several opportunities to view bears and other wildlife while fishing.”

A Sow With Her Cubs

Fishing With The Bears
One of the most
famous of Kodiak’s animals is the Kodiak brown bear. They are
the largest of their kind in the world. Kodiak brown bear frequently
appear in remote areas of Kodiak Island. Some of the best opportunities
to see them are at the Ayakulik out camp in July and August or
a fly-out bear viewing trip.

A Bear Walking The Beach In Ugak Bay

Fly-out Bear Viewing
Wild People
Red Fox
Red Fox & Kit
Black Tail Deer
Left: Beaver Top: Nesting sea birds.
Top: Seal Right: Humpback Whale
Orca Whales
Sea Lions