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AlpenView's 2007 Season Review

People, Places and Dates
The following is a who, when and where overview of the 2007 season. An asterisk (*) is placed after a person's name if they are a repeat visitor. The asterisk is red (*) if they are veterans of three or more trips with our organization. We are honored by the continued patronage of our guests and blessed with the continued help of our friends and staff.

Please help with this review. Send photos, additions and corrections to: mail@alpenview.com

Our season always starts with camp set-up. We started earlier with the set-up in 2007 to accommodate the first ever, spring steelhead trip. Our crew arrived on the Ayakulik on April 24, a few short days after the ice broke up.

Out camp set-up crew included Skip Woodward, Jacob Keplinger and Tim Longrich (pictured at right). And, as always, Dave Jones (not pictured).

Skip Woodward takes a break from camp set-up to catch a steelie. 


Dime bright.


Tim Longrich takes a break from camp set-up to catch a steelie. 

A mother caribou and calf stroll by camp. 


The camp nears completion for the 2007 season.

 Camp, April 28 to May 5, 2007

AlpenView's first ever spring steelhead trip was a real treat. Fishing was as good as it gets with double figure days all week long. Tim Longrich had two 18 steelhead days! Fishing during the week were:

Fritz Jorg * Poulsbo, WA

Pat Steed * Eden, NC

Tim Longrich * Kodiak, AK

Staff for the week were Dave Jones and Drew Shaffer.



Dave Jones battles a steelie (left) to a successful landing (top).


A beautiful steelhead landed by Pat Steed.


The electric fence is extended to surround the jet boat's motor as the spring steelhead week ends. We will be away for several weeks awaiting the king and sockeye runs.

 On our return to the Ayakulik, AlpenView's staff had a chance to visit with some friends camping down stream. Skip Binkley, Ken Alreed and Bob Richmond are a group of Alaskan fishermen who frequent the river in early June.



Ed, Ray, Dave, Bill C., Bill M. and Bret.

Camp, June 5 - 10, 2007 

Ray Cyr * Caribou Woodland, ME

Bret Mattinson * North Aurora, IL

Bill Cyr * Nampa, ID

Bill McKee * Edmonds, WA

Ed Tostenrud * Mt. Vernon, WA

Dave Anderson * Nampa, ID 



Dave Jones and Bill McKee check the steaks on the grill.


Nice one, Dave.


A fine rack of bright kings for Bill, Ed and Ray.

Nice one, Bret. 


 Eric shows off the bones after filleting a fish.

 Scott Bobbitt with a nice king.

Camp, June 10 - 15, 2007 

Ray Sirois * Shapleigh, ME

Bernie Beaudoin * Overland Park, KS

Frank Pirnique * Palouse, WA

Mack Jenkins * Indian Springs, AL

Mark Mailander * Cupertino, CA

Scott Bobbitt - Nashua, NH

Mack Jenkins jumps a king on the fly.


 Nice one, Mack.

"Sockeye Frank Pirnique" and Eric with a stringer of sockeye.

 Nice one, Bernie.

Nice one, Ray.


Spring bears come up with some wild hair styles as they shed their winter coats. Check out this mohawk.

Molly Jones joins the camp staff to help out her dad.

Camp from the air.


Brent and son, Nick show off a king caught on the fly. 


Nick, Brent and Coby on fish keeping day.

 Camp, June 15 - 20, 2007 

Frank Varriale * Boise, ID

Brent Varriale * Fruitland, ID

Bill Davis * Boise, ID

Scott Bishop * Boise, ID

Coby Varriale * Fruitland, ID

Nick Varriale * Fruitland, ID

Bill and Eric show off a fine king.


Scott worked the fly hard and was rewarded with this cromer.


Camp, June 20 - 25, 2007

 Dave Case * Portland, OR

Elmer Case * Portland, OR

Russ Case * Tigard, OR

Jennifer Curran * Lake Oswego, OR

Marty Landholm * Meridian, ID

Jerry Yoder * Boise, ID


Clockwise from Dave Jones are Elmer, Jennifer, Dave Case Sr., Eric, Dave Case Jr., Jerry and Marty.

(Above) Marty works the spey rod to a sucessful landing (right). 


Float trip!


Jennifer Case teaches the rest to make fish prints. What Fun! 

 A school of sockeye printed on the out-house.

Jerry makes the spey rod work for a fine king.


Jerry shows off a nice sockeye on fish keeping day.


During late June the run of kings on the Ayakulik dropped below the desired escapment goals. This forced the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to close the sport fishery. Fortunately, the run picked up and the fishery re-opened after several days.

Amy, Paul, Molly and Wesley.


This fishing closure spaned parts of the trip for two of our groups. To keep everyone fishing during the river closure, AlpenView opened the lodge early and moved guests and staff to that venue.

Family and friends were a big help getting the lodge ready for the quick opening.


Mickey Jones and friend, Colleen Nevin take a short break during lodge opening.


Friend, Paul and Amy Finn during lodge opening.

Camp to Lodge, June 25 - 30, 2007

 Tim Longrich * Kodiak, AK

Dennis Frome * Lake Oswego, OR

Rick Bakovic * San Pedro, CA

John Bakovic *

Bob Bakovic *

Paul Duffy * Seattle, WA

Doug Johnson - Tacoma, WA

Paul fights a king. 

Rick fights a king.


Tim and a nice king.




John with a nice king at the camp.


John with a nice halibut at the lodge.


 Dennis relaxing at the lodge.

Lodge staffers Molly Jones, Hannah Clark and Veronica Sims.


 Lodge to Camp, June 30 - July 5, 2007

Ryan Peterson - Redding, CA

Dick Reamer - Wilmington, NC

Warren White - Wilmington, NC

John Gavin - Tieton, WA

John with a fly caught sea bass on the Finlander.


Dick with a fly caught sea bass on the Finlander.



Dick with a halibut on the Finlander.


Our ride to the river.


Ryan with a king.



(Above) Dave battles a king to a successful landing (right).


 Salmon cavier at the camp.

A fine king on the fly for John.



A small bear gets a spey casting lesson from Ryan.


Float Trip! Part of the Fourth of July parade.

The group makes a pass through a pool. 

Dave gets a picture of Warren and his king.


 Lodge & Camp, July 14 - 21, 2007

John Gillis * Lima, OH

Chad Gillis - Lima, OH

Brad Roush * Lima, OH

Dane Roush - Lima, OH

Drew Sanko * Lima, OH

Michael Sanko - Lima, OH

William Sanko - Lima, OH

Dane, Brad, Chad and John. 

(Below) Michael battles a giant halibut to a successful landing (right).


Cruising out to fish on the Finlander. 


John with a nice sea run Dolly Varden.

An eagle blasts off in Ugak Bay.


This group set a new lodge record for beer shipped in. The beer flag is hoisted on the Finlander.



Eric leads a climb.

Chad and John are high on Mt. Geddis-Farzukan.



(Above) Drew with a sea bass.

(Above right) deer in Eagle Harbor.

(Right) sea lions near Gull Cape.

(Below and below right) bear pictures taken during this groups' visit to the out camp.



The small stream behind the lodge.


Laura Castrilli on the beach at AlpenView.


(Left to right) Camille, Diana, Dave and Kathryn.

Diana and Vikoda on the flight to the lodge.


 Lodge, July 21 - 28, 2007

AlpenView's family and friends week.

Lodge, July 28 - August 1, 2007

Bill Scott - Eagle, ID 

Bob Scott - Boise, ID

Jake Eggimann - Hubbard, OR

Brian Reynolds - Spokane, WA

Mike Reynolds - Boise, ID

Gerry Byrnes - Kent, WA


Shawn, Fru, Mike and Bryan at the plane dock in Kodiak. Shawn starts his duties as a guide during this week!

 Eric, Mike and Brian are off for some fly fishing.

Shawn and Bill enjoy blue sky and smooth sailing.


Bill displays a pink salmon in Eagle Harbor.


(Top row) Gerry, Eric and Mike. (Bottom row) Bill, Jake, Bob, Dave and Brian.


Gerry battles while Jake displays his catch. A double hook-up with halibut on the fly.


Jake and Gerry with the big one. 

Brian's big ling cod.


A large bear in Eagle Harbor.


We're having chum fun now!!

Brian and Mike with a double chum landing.



Markus, Peter, Michael, Stefan, Alex and Thomas.

 Lodge, August 1 to 8, 2007

Peter Schug * Staufenberg, Germany

Michael Schug - Staufenberg, Germany

Alex Schug - Staufenberg, Germany

Thomas Leipold - Staufenberg, Germany

Markus Jung - Langgons, Germany

Stefan Ruhl - Lollar, Germany


Eric entertains with his "dumpster special" guitar.


Markus, Shawn and Stefan enjoy some fresh fish for lunch.

The banya heats up!


Gulls and puffins on a bait ball.


Stefan and a prime spawing stage "humpy". 

Bears commonly visit while fishing Eagle Harbor.



Eric and Peter with a halibut.


Alex holds up four sea bass.


Above: Markus with a dime bright pink. Below: Peter stands gaurd during an out camp visit.

Michael and Eric with a big one.

Sunset at AlpenView.

Dave, Jack, Bryan, Don, Eric and Rico. 

Lodge, August 8 to 12, 2007 

Jack Collings - Ventura, CA

Bryan Collings - Ventura, CA

Don Duffey - Carlsbad, CA

Rico Rich - NC

Henry Haire - NC

Rico and Henry with a fine stringer of pink salmon.


 Dave and Don with a halibut.


(Left) Bryan lands the big one.

(Below) Henry gets in the halibut action.


Traveling up the South Arm of Ugak Bay. What a day!


Here's looking at you! 

(Above) Bryan battles a king to a successful landing (right).


(Above) A bumblebee enjoys the wildflowers at AlpenView.

(Right) The group has a fine stock of fish to take home and share with friends and family.





Jack and Bryan show off Bryan's first salmon on the fly rod.

Henry runs the vaccume packer. Taking good care of his catch.


Rico follows schools of chums in the South Arm of Ugak Bay. 


Harry, Michael and Andy.

 Lodge, August 12 to 18, 2007

The Fly Shop's Family Fishcamp Alaska

Michael Caranci - Redding, CA

Harry Piper

Andy Piper

Family Fishcamp is all about learning. Here we get a lesson from the commercial salmon fishermen.


Nice Catch!



Practice fly tying skills.


Saltwater fishing from kayaks.

Dave records a bear viewing trip during family fishcamp.


One big bite, right out of the middle. 

(Below) A bear eats it's salmon raw, we try a little of the same (right).



Salmon printing is great fun and creates a unique souvenier.


Using new skills to fish the South Arm of Ugak Bay.


Saltwater fly fishing, AlpenView style.


 Halibut on a cast fly in 60 feet of water!

 Carrie and Veronica at the base of the falls.


Moe Thibault enjoys some bear viewing at Eagle Harbor.


Dave, Don and Dan with the big one.

Lodge, August 25 - September 1, 2007 

Ray Sirois * Shapleigh, ME

Moe Thibault * Hollis, NH

Chick Forrence * Nashua, NH

Don Thibault * Nashua, NH

Dave Thibault - Nashua, NH

Dan Thibault - Nashua, NH

Ron Cote - Nashua, NH

 Moe, Chick, Ron, Don, Dan, Dave and Ray.


Quillback Rockfish.


Ray loves to fish the fly. Ray stuck this halibut on a fly he made.

Dave Jones releasing one of many halibut on a day filled with triple hook-ups.


These fish are so bright, how can Dan see without his dark galsses. 

  Lodge, September 1- 8, 2007

Pinky Gray * Carson City, NV

Joe Toth * Carson City, NV

Jim Jacobsen * Novato, CA

Fritz Jorg * Poulsbo, WA

Dan Shupe * Dayton, NV

Hal Weirth - Poulsbo, WA

Fritz, Joe, Pinky, Dan, Jim and Hal.


Eric helps Dan hold the big one.


Hal battles one of many halibut on the fly.


Shawn keeps busy pulling flys out of halibut.

Fritz and Hal love to beachcomb.


Fritz and Eric display a summer run steelhead.



(Above) Hal and Fritz with a chum during an exploration of Gull Cape Lagoon via kayak.

(Right) Joe is having fun with a ling cod.


Jim did a great job as guest/chef with the help of Ashley.


Dan presents Jim with the Irish Lord trophy. Neat!


 Lodge, September 8 - 16, 2007

Adriano Gardumi * Italy

Claudio - Italy

Mauro - Italy

Ugo - Italy

Claudio, Adriano, Ugo, Mauro and Dave with a fine stringer of silvers.

Adriano and a Bison.


Shawn pictured with the Italian flag.



Mauro plays the guitar. This was a very musical bunch.

 Mauro filming a Kodiak brown bear.



 Closing night at AlpenView for 2007.

Shawn, Ugo and Craig "Ole" Olsen.

Mauro, Adriano and Claudio.



 Lodge to Camp, September 8 - 16, 2007

Bouger Aldridge * Spruce Pine, NC

Maze Aldridge - Spruce Pine, NC

Jim Ennis - Spruce Pine, NC

(Left) Bouger, Maze and Jim with a halibut while at the lodge.

(Below) Maze with a Dolly Varden while at the camp.

(Left) The group with a coho.


A storm on September 15 delayed the normal change-over until the 16th. The 16th was a fine day as an Andrew Air beaver arrives at the camp.

 Camp, September 16 - 22, 2007  

Wade Ward * Jacksonville, NC

James Slack * Emerald Isle, NC

Rob Jones * Greenville, NC

Charles Efird * Jacksonville, NC

Alex Willis * NC

Joe Taft * NC

Alex and Wade relax at camp.


Jim landing a fine silver. 


Camp staffer, Ashley.


Wade battles a steelhead.

The 2007 steelhead season was a great one. The water conditions on the river remained good throughout the fall and the fish arrived in a steady stream. Rob Jones had a 13 steelhead day on September 17th. Many anglers reached double figure steelhead days during the fall but none topped Rob's 13.


Rob and Joe display Rob's #10.

Veronica and Charles enjoy a laugh at camp. 

Rob and Dave with a nice buck.


One of the locals. 

 A nice stringer of bright silvers on fish keeping day.

Joe shows the beautiful spawning colors of a Dolly Varden. 


The largest steelhead of 2007 was Martin Jacobs' 36" buck. Caught September 23.


Change-over, September 22.

  Camp, September 22 - 29, 2007  

Larry Treece * Denver, CO

Nate Harnish * Aspen, CO

Martin Jacobs * London, England

Oliver Gardner - England

Phil Reinig - Los Alamos, NM

Bill Enloe - Los Alamos, NM

 Eric and Olly at the mouth of the Ayakulik.

 A visit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service during a lunch break.


The black string leach was the fall fly for 2007.


Phil at camp, happy about his first double figure steelhead day. 11 steelies for Phil, September 26.

Beautiful, bright silvers continue to roll in late September.


Bill with a bright silver.


 Nate and a dime bright steelhead.


Larry and bear.

Dave and bear. 

 Olly and bear.

 Camp, September 29 - October 6, 2007  

Preston Jones - FL

Peter Laskier - ?


Preston (foreground) and Peter with a double steelhead hook-up on spey rods. This was a windy trip. 50+ MPH gusts on several days. The spey rods were up to the task.

Peter landed three 33" fish, among several others, on one of his fishing days. That's 99" of steelhead in three fish!


Preston is not too sure about this.


With two clients in camp, the guides get into the fishing. Here is Eric with a nice one.


Here is Dave with a bigger fish than Eric's! 



Mommy, there's a bear outside my bedroom window.


Native rainbow.

Preston with Dolly Varden for lunch.


Preston shows off a steelhead.


An egg sucking version of the black string leach.


The out-house is blown completely over the electric fence! It was a windy week. 


Don with a beautiful steelhead. Don had back to back double figure days, 12 steelhead on October 11th and 10 steelies on October 12th.

 Camp, October 6 - 13, 2007  

Don Andrews * Denver, CO

Ray Estes * Denver, CO

Don and Ray's 8th consecutive fall steelhead trip to AlpenView's out camp.

It's always a pleasure!


Ray with an Ayakulik steelhead.


AlpenView's first ever out, out-camp.

Ray enjoys a laugh at AlpenView's first ever out, out-camp on the Dog Salmon River Drainage.




Recycling is Dave's policy on water bottles. It's strictly enforced!

Shawn and Ole were at the camp, un-supervised, while dave was guiding the Dog Salmon River. Look at all of Ole's water bottles!



A brown bear back scratch.



 That feels soooo good!


Ole and Dave display Ole's steelhead #10 caught on our last fishing day of 2007. Congratulations to Ole, AKA "The Closer".