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AlpenView's 2015 Season Review

Please help with this review. Send photos, additions and corrections to: mail@alpenview.com

  Part 1, Our Guests

An * after a guest's name indicates that the person is a repeat guest. If it is red (*) the person is a veteran of three or more trips with AlpenView.


June 17, 2015
Left to right top row: Isaac, Charlie B., Sam, Britta, Nick, Dick. Bottom row: Charlie K. and Dave.
Guests: Charlie Kimmel - Anchorage, AK + Sam Hall - Confluence, PA + Dick Ross - Kodiak, AK + Charlie Barber - Kodiak, AK

 June 20, 2015
Guests: Jairus Stratton * Seattle, WA + Jay Green * Seattle, WA + Greg Fenton * Kingston, WA + Kevin Calaghan + Greg Conway .


June 27, 2015
Guests: Boye Einang - Oslo, Norway


July 1, 2015
Left to right top row: Britta, Bruce, Mike, Richard, Bill, Mark, Nick and Jim. Bottom row: Isaac.
Guests: Bill Engber * Madison, WI + Richard Glad * Madison, WI + Mark Jackson * Verona, WI + Mike Bernhard - Madison, WI + Bruce Boswell - Preston, ID + Jim Pittman.

July 4, 2015
Left to right, top row: Jim, Jan, Barnie Jr., Barnie, Jack, Lorna and Nick Bottom: Britta and Isaac
Guests: Jim and Jan Hansford * Mosinee, WI + Barnie Barnard and Barnie Jr. * Witbank, South Africa + Jack and Lorna Zalaha * Port Ludlow, WA.

July 11, 2015
Left to right: Beth, Zoe, Isabelle, Dave, Anne, Tom, Charlie, Shawn, Mike and Alison.
Guests: Charlie & Beth Ryan * Lima, OH + Mike Ryan * Alison, Zoe and Isabelle Ryan - Pleasantville, OH + Anne * and Tom Edgerton - Toledo, OH.

July 18, 2015
Left to right: Cody, Dave, Jonathan, Isaac and John.
Guests: John, Jonathan and Cody Rilling - Mililani, HI

July 22, 2015
Left to right: Gary, Isaac, Britta, Mickey, Nick, Lynne and Dave.
Guests: Gary Peterson and Lynne Lankes - Santa Rosa, CA

August 1, 2015
Left to right: Martha, Bob, Mary, and Patrick.
Guests: Bob and Martha Morrissey * Kona HI. + Patrick and Mary McCarroll - Hermosa Beach, CA.

August 3, 2015
Left to right top row: Isaac, Martha, Bob, Mike, Christopher, Dave. Bottom row: James, Michael, Nick, Mickey, Koda, and Britta.
Guests: Bob and Martha Morrissey * Kona HI. + Mike Murphy - Clarks Green, PA. + Christopher, James, and Michael Murphy - Mt Pleasant , S.C.

August 9, 2015
Left to right: Nick, Erin, Mickey, Carin, and Ole.
Guests: Erin Irish - McCall, ID + Carin Olson * Salt Lake City, UT. + Ole Olson * Kodiak, AK.

August 15, 2015
Left to right top row: Kyle, Shawn, Amy, Britta, Kayla, Peter, and Mickey. Bottom row: Nick, Isaac, Dave, Karla, and Gene.
Guests: Kyle Solomon and Amy Finn * Portland, OR. + Gene Lundgaard- Tacoma, WA. + Karla Crowell - Port Orchard, WA. + Peter Crowell * Albuquerque, NM + Kayla Lundgaard, Seattle, WA.


August 19, 2015
Clockwise from left front: Jude, Hillary, Claire, Omar, Nick, Katie, Eric, Isaac, and Dave.
Guests: Omar and Katie Easom - Sun City Center, FL. + Eric, Hillary, Jude, and Claire Easom, Menlo Park, CA.


August 22, 2015
Left to right top row: Kevin, Shawn, Tim, Nick, Brett, Phillip, Trent, Britta, and Mickey. Bottom row: Isaac, Shane, Dave and Joe (inset).
Clients: Phillip Scott * Angleton, TX + Brett Crochet * Pearland, TX + Kevin Martinez * League City, TX. + Trent and Shane Fischer - Angleton, TX + Tim Drury * Angleton, TX + Joe Drury * Angleton, TX


August 29, 2015
Left to right top row: Nick, Mike Mc., Henry, Mike Mi., Gary, David and Steve. Bottom row: Isaac and Britta.
Clients: David Johnson, Mike McNaughton, Hrnry Johnson, Mike Missina, Gary Magness and Steve Knudson - all from Denver, CO


August 29, 2015
Left to right top row: Joe C., Joe T., Shawn, Jim, Cathy, Bill M., and Bob.. Bottom row: Mickey, Cesi, Bill B., Ray and Dave.
Clients: Ray Sirois * Shapleigh, ME. + Joe Toth * Carson City, NV. + Jim Jacobsen * Novato, CA. + Bill Bilodeau - Nashua, NH. + Bill McAuliffe - Weirsdale, FL. + Bob and Cathy Reineke - Orofino, ID.

September 5, 2015
Left to right top row: Rolf, Evelin, John, Richard and Dan. Bottom row: Isaac, Nick and Britta.
Clients: John McCullough * Monument, CO + Richard Warden - Franklin, TN + Dan Norton - Colorado Springs, CO + Rolf and Evelin Dortenbach - Austria.

September 11, 2015
Left to right: Chris, Michelle, Marty, Shawn, Bill M, Bill B, Dan, Cessi, Dave, Ray, Mickey, Alison and Tom .
Clients: Ray Sirois * Shapleigh, ME. + Tom Steed * Key Largo, FL + Marty and Michelle Steed * Charlestown, SC + Chris Lenham * Harpers Ferry
WV + Alison Steed + Bill Bilodeau - Nashua, NH. + Bill McAuliffe - Weirsdale, FL

September 12, 2015
Left to right: Jray, Britta Isaac and Ric.
Clients: Ric Rokey - Mesa, AZ + Jray Rokey

September 13, 2015
Left to right: Reinhard, Shawn, Mickey, Cessi, Henrik, George, Lance, Heinz, Peter C, Peter S, Nick, Udo and Dave.
Clients: Peter Schug * Staufenberg, Germany + Reinhard Schmidt * Bad Homburg, Germany + Udo * and Henrik Luerssen - Bad Homburg, Germany + Heinz Pruefer - Bad Vilbel, Germany + Peter Collins - Nashua, NH + Lance Ford - Merrimack, NH + George Zettelmeyer - Nashua, NH

September 20, 2014
Clockwise from left front:: Scott, Kerry, Joe, Frank, Brent, Jeff, Terry and Isaac.
Guests: Frank Varriale * Boise, ID + Brent Varriale * Fruitland, ID + Scott Kaufman * Idaho Falls, ID + Jeff Burkhardt * Vale, OR + Kerry Kegel * Ontario, OR + Terry Scanlan - Boise, ID

October 2, 2014
Clockwise from left front:: Donnie, Gary, Jason, Isaac, Britta Dave, Nick, Hal, Fritz and Lou.
Guests: Fritz Jorg * Poulsbo, WA + Donnie Andrews * Denver,CO + Hal Weirth * Bremerton, WA + Lou Hurlbut * Poulsbo, WA + Gary Fuller - Grants Pass, OR + Jason Koehne - Kodiak, AK.

  Part 2, Season Highlights

Pre-Season 2015
After chasing steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula, Fritz and Dave Join up with Tom and Shawn Finn in Poulsbo Washington for a great lunch visit.

Shawn and Dave Joined Tom Steed at his home in Key Largo, Florida for a great week of fishing and fine dining. Shawn's sailfish topped the list of many fine fish that we caught. 

Above: KACO's 2015 King Derby started May 1st and Dave and Brad were ready.

At right: Pre-season projects at the lodge included cabinets at the new building. We may have to lower them a bit!


A spring banquet with the residents of Ugak Bay has become an annual event. Clockwise from front: John and Tina Witteveen from "Wild Creek" Wayne and Lynne Murphy from "Hidden Basin" Brian, Grayling and Pike Peterson from "Ugak Bay Lodge" Mickey and Dave Jones from AlpenView.


Left: Craig "Ole" Olsen has been the digger of the annual out house hole for many of the past camp set-ups. In 2015 Ole stepped aside and left the honor to first year guide, Nick Carroll.

Below: Britta Jones's camp kitchen gets dressed up with a new sky light, cabinet paint and table covers.

Molly Jones' graduation ceremony at Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington. For Alaskan fishing guide Dave, this trip was the first trip out of Alaska in June in 30 plus years. This is one event you have to make.

Shawn and Ole delivered the new 23' ALPEN II in late June, 2015. The boat performed well during its first season.


Wildlife is a big part of Kodiak Island life and we love to share it with visitors. Zoe, Isabelle and Alison Ryan posed for this shot on a kayaking adventure to Seal Island.



 Above, left: Blacktail Deer on the beach in Ugak Bay.

Above, right: A beaver in Cool Pool, on a creek with no name.

Right: A mother bear looks for fish while her second year cubs nerse. Ayakulik River.

Below: A mother bear and two first year cubs beachcombing in Ugak Bay.


A family of eagles nests near the lodge for the summer. Above: An adult roosts nearby as the young are still bound to the nest.
Below, left: by late July the young are flying. Below, right: An adult makes a rapid descent while fishing in Ugak Bay.




The Oyster Catcher is common on Kodiak Island. Their three distinct, contrasting colors are striking at close range.

Food is fun at AlpenView. We love to use local products in our menu to give our guests a real taste of Kodiak Island. We sport fish for crab in Ugak Bay and often enjoy a big crab feed at the lodge. In 2015 we were able to co-ordinate a crab feed at the camp for the first time.




Above, left: Local caught crab is used in our eggs Benedict to give it that special Ugak Bay touch.

Above, right: Alaska is famous for sourdough and Mickey keeps the lodge stocked with fresh baked breads.

Left: Salmon roe or "caviar" is a treat from our local streams.

Below: 2015 was a fantastic season for salmon berries. Staff and guests often gather berries while hiking and stream fishing. They make for some delicious deserts at the lodge.


Mike, Bill, Richard, and Mark display a fine stringer of sockeye caught while fishing Red Lake Creek. Fishing for sockeye at the camp was the most productive in June and early July. Some kings were also caught on the Ayakulik during this period but this king run continues to suffer from low returns.

Halibut and king salmon are the most popular targets at the lodge in June and early July. Bruce and Jim landed these two halibut.

Below, left: Mike Ryan landed this fine combination of halibut and king salmon while fishing on the ALPEN II. Below, right: The silvers hit early and strong in 2015. Kathryn displays some saltwater caught silvers. We were consistently catching silvers inside Ugak Bay by early July and it never let up.

The silver run was hot on the Ayakulik as well. Frank and Brent Variable's group landed 1227 silvers during their during their September trip to the camp. Below: Gary Fuller displays a bright silver he landed in early October. The 2015 silver run was long and strong on Kodiak Island and will go down as one of the best ever.


We enjoyed a wonderful blast from the past in 2015. Above, left: Barnie Barnard Sr and Jr display a halibut while visiting AlpenView in 2000, our first season. Above, right: Barnie Sr and Jr are framed by Mickey and Dave during our 15 year reunion. "The Barnies" as we call them, traveled to Kodiak from their home in South Africa.



Arts and Crafts
Fish printing is a fun way to make a souvenir. Each print is a one of a kind piece of art to help remember your trip. Michael, James and Britta used a rock fish to make these prints.




Fun and Games
AlpenView's Sonny and Cher cover band sang "I Got You Babe" to help Bob and Cathy Reineke celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.


Michelle Steed has played poker twice at AlpenView, once in 2010 and again this season. She won both times! Husband Marty was the runner-up.


First time visitor, George Zettelmeyer won the pot in this September game. George will need to return in 2020 and win another poker game to match Michelle's record.


Britta and her best friend, Maekennah are dressed up for crab night.


Where is Waldo?


AlpenView staff and family make a successful reindeer and blacktail deer hunt just prior to camp break-down in October.